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  1. Fro Gunner79 's Vault of Collectable/Rare Airsoft. A very limited release from 'Smokey', a company renowned in collection circles for having produced some of Airsoft's better, high-quality custom guns (including the Barrett M82/104 years before Socom Gear, etc.). The rifle in question is a true sniper. Has well over 300ft range It is now tuned to shoot at 600fps., It is bolt action rifle and has a incredible bull-type fluted steel barrel. It utilizes a system very similar (and compatible with) the Maruzen APS system and utilizes the APS magazine. I have a number of mags that will come with it. Send me an PM/email adress if interested and I will send photos. This puppy is better in performance than my old MR-30, lighter and MUCH sexier in appearance. I purchased heabout 13 years ago. Her rarity is such that I can almost guarantee one will NOT see one around anytime soon) . A true gem and a damn good rifle. For some reason I cannot load but one image now. (shows the subject rifle with scope on the left). PM me with email addy and I can send photos. Price is $1250 Firm. No trades. Will split shipping cost via USPS Priority. Cheers, Gunner79
  2. Another nice weapon that one really does not see around anymore (and not many were produced). I've a LCT M60E3 MG. Beautifully made, ALL metal (except for the buttstock, grip and fore grip, all of which are a bakelite-type styrene). This is one HELL of a MG and has been completely rebuilt stem to stern: specs? Try this on for size then: about 32 RPS at about 450+ FPS. She is a mean old buzzsaw and works perfectly AND reliably. One of my favorite 'working' MGs. She is pretty to look at too! I paid $850 to just purchase her (one of LCT's earlier guns and long out of production to) and then had one of my best tech buddies make her....a opposition's nightmare (no joke). I love her - but I cannot take ALL of my lovely MGs (and I have several HPA E3s) with me so she's now on the market. Price really is a true 'giveaway' figure (like getting a Inokatsu '60' that not only is exceptional in fidelity but can DOMINATE a field (unlike a stock Inokatsu) Heh heh. Price - a firm $400. Shipping on buyer. CONUS sale only please. No trades. Really. Believe me, if I actually had the space - I'd be keeping her. Cheers, Gunner79 Attachments
  3. Gunner79 is moving. And only a portion of my massive collection can come with me. So here it is: one of my prize Shoei G43 hand crafted Rifles. Complete and in new condition with original Shoei box. Comes with 3 magazines ( which cost me $125+ each - IF you can even buy one now). This is almost the real deal folks: Literally hand made/fabricated by Tomio M. It took 2 years and a big 'old deposit to get my hands on these. It's gorgeous and it shoots using a modified Escort engine, designed and finely crafted by Shoei. Note: it's not a gun for the field though - it's a collector masterpiece. Shoei made this with that concept in mind. I believe only 100 were made in the first run. A second run is planned, but you can bet your sweet bippy that this is and will continue to be, a very rare bird! Now the stunning part: I'm going to let this go for$1,250 (including the three mags!). shipping will be on the purchasing party - CONUS only. No international sales please- the last time I did it turned into a very sad, long and expensive affair for both the buyer and myself. Ultimately he did not get a rifle and I was left with a customs' mangled mess of a once beautiful rifle. I just can't let this happen again, to me OR a buyer.... No trades, none. It's hard enough figuring out which of my beautiful guns will come with me...and which will not. Thank goodness I have another G43. First come, first served. Additional photos upon request Gunner79 Attachments
  4. WTS: Rare (very) DIGICON Gas Target Pistol ('Thompson Contender') Today I'm listing a real beauty and one you simply do not see: the Digicon gas target pistol. It's a spot-on replica of the Thompson Contender hunting pistol (because of existing IP law Digicon could not legally use the company/ product name). This is a complete, near mint specimen. Box, papers, bullets, gun and accessories all in place, in excellent condition. Gun operates beautifully and uses green gas. It's a tack-driver (no exaggeration) and is hi-power. Digicon made only a few airsoft guns inasmuch as it came into the game just before Japan had it's terrible economic recession in 1991. The company also released this gun before the Japanese Sword and Firearms Act passed and therefore was not bound by restricted power. The Digicon company however never had a chance to reach its goal of being a leader in the airsoft industry which is truly sad as it simply and consistently made superb airguns. This is one of them. I have a couple of Digicon guns and all are top quality and have excellent operational capabilities. The Thompson Contender is a single shot 'break-barrel' hunting and/or target pistol. This model is equipped with a 8 inch barrel but is made to easily swap in longer barrels up to rifle length, and can take an optional stock as well. Accuracy? Well, at 40 feet you can punch 1 inch groups. Longer ranges are equally impressive. The pistol is perfectly gas tight. Not even the slightest leak. All cartridges are included, none absent. Even includes original, sealed bag of Digicon .20 projectiles (6mm). I used a couple of my .66g aeronautical grade bearings definitely an eye opener in blowing holes through cans:) Just a cool and very impressive gun. Try finding one - try finding one in this condition - not a chance. Price: $325 firm. No trades Shipping on the buyer. For either collection purposes or use this gun is going to grow in value. Gunner79
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