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  1. In my opinion, if I were in a situation like that, I would probably get it. If you choose on getting it, you should most likely tell your parents and say that you are going to be responsible with it and you take proper safety precautions. When I first got into Airsoft, my parents were against it. (Mostly my Mum but still.) But I convinced them by saying I will responsible with them and will atleast try to take every safety precaution I can. But don't only make your decision on my opinion, since mine can be biased at times and your parents might be different to this than mine did. Best of luck, auto
  2. Update: Dear airsoftforum community, thank you so much for the help. The response time was slow, but I appreciate your professional help. The CM16 is in full working order now.
  3. Yeah, the whole gun works fine, but it just looks ugly because there is a pipe practically sticking out of an AR.
  4. Title says what's happening. Basically, the whole outer barrel of the gun just fell out. I have been trying to get it back in but I cant. Any help is appreciated!
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