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  1. Hi all, I'm just getting into the hobby and this is my first post. I am torn about which starter AEG to get and would really appreciate the input from more experienced guys. Right now I'm undecided between the G&G CM16 Raider 2.0 combat machine and Ares Amoeda AM008 M4 CQB. Both seem to have decent reviews and my indecision is mainly related to the following: 1. The Ares is slightly more expensive, which my consumer brain tells me must mean its better. Is there any truth to this? 2. I like the look of the G&G slightly more. The two tone tan model is just beautiful. 3. There seem to be more options and accessories available (at least where I live) for the Ares. 4. I've seen people complain about the sights on the Ares, apparently they are little more than cosmetic. The G&G sights seem to be somewhat adjustable which is nice. At this stage I'm not looking to get optics so the standard sights are somewhat important to me. That's basically it, my main concern is the price difference. I like the look of the G&G but I'm worried that its an inferior gun because of the price difference, although paying the difference isn't a deal breaker for me (+- $230 for the G&G and +- $270 for the Ares). Before you freak out about the price, airsoft guns are more expensive in my country than you are likely used to. Thanks for your help.
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