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  1. I know this has likely been presented many times to a forum such as this, but I would like to visit and or revisit the feasibility of a Counter Strike game mode for airsoft. It was inspired by watching CS:GO majors. "But what if it were a real life thing, instead of an eSport?" I asked myself. And here we are, talking about how this would happen. Would it be possible? Would it be reasonable? Likely not, is the answer. It would require a full on company to support, however, I would still like to talk about it. (And also Valve copyrights and stuff.) Making a Counter Strike game mode for airsoft would present many issues from the start. -Expenses -Locations -Cheaters/Rule Breakers -Guns (In a different way. Hold on, I'm getting to it.) And while, I do know that there are some things on this list that are issues of a typical airsoft game. There could be ways to counter it. I will explain them in later posts or below. =+=Expenses=+= -Guns -Batteries -Ammunition -Magazines I know this gets messy, I'll have it a bit more organized at the bottom. Being the most influential factor of this entire idea, the average cost to supply a game like this is pushing $k. It's ridiculous. Assuming each gun costs around $200, Multiply that by the number of guns in the game plus 10: At least 1 gun per player. That's an immediate base of $68,000. Assuming each battery costs around $18, another ridiculous amount of money would be necessary. It totals to $6,120. Ammunition wouldn't be too much of an issue. BB's are relatively cheap, and considering magazine sizes for each gun, it shouldn't be too much of a dent in the price. We'll take the M4/AK from CSGO. Both guns get 120 bullets per round. 120 x 10 x 30 = 36,000 BB's. A bag of 5,000 airsoft BB's costs around $20. That's 8 bags of BB's with 4,000 BB's left over for extra use. The total cost for BB's alone is about $200. (Rounded way up because of weapons like the PP-Bizon, with a generous 184 BB's per Round.) Magazines might be a bit of an issue, due to the 30rd standard of most guns. There would need to be milsim magazines for EACH gun. That could get difficult. I'll do more precise research later, but let's call the average cost of a magazine to be about $15. The number of magazines is the next problem. WOW, there would need to be a crazy amount of them, so we're going to take a very vague average and say 1360. That's 4 magazines per person, per gun, for 10 people. At an average price of $15, it calculates to $20,400.............fun. The total cost of the game alone, and I know I've forgotten something, totals to about $95,000. ($94,720) Definitely not realistic. No typical airsofter could pay for something this huge. =+=Locations=+= This portion will be much shorter than the last, thankfully. Where would a game like this take place? An intellectual question, young Padawan. One to which I have no answer. I personally live outside of the US, so if there's a massive stadium or popular location I don't know about... But really, it's the cost of renting a place like that. The answer is: A load of money. I can't go into specifics since I have no idea how much acreage would be appropriate for a game like this. =+=Cheaters=+= We've all experienced this one. Considering how Counter Strike is, it would be impossible to keep every player in check, even if refs were standing over the field. You would need something ridiculous, like video coverage. I can't even fathom how expensive that would be. Cheating is an issue in every game. But in a game like this that costs so much, it's effect would only multiply and blow up. It removes the fun from a game, and, again, considering how much this costs..... wow. =+=Guns=+= Why buy an M4 when you can get a P90, a weapon with a better magazine capacity that's lighter and shoots the same distance? This is something I've taken a bit of time to think about. How would we balance weapons? FPS limits. Pistols have a certain FPS, SMG's have a slightly higher FPS, Rifles have a slightly higher FPS, and Snipers have the highest. "But Cortercia, how can we find guns that fit every requirement of each need?" You're right. We can't. I doubt we can find the perfect AK-47, or AUG with however many Joules. It's one of the largest factors that makes this unrealistic. I wish it were so simple. To finish it off, again, is it realistic? Of course the *bleep* not. Take a look at everything. No one would fund it, no one would want to manage it, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad astra, forever and ever. Well, I'm running out of time, so I'll have to revise this a bit later. I want to put this out there before I go to sleep because I want to know your thoughts or additions. What do you think about this whole thing?
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