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  1. Hello All, I accidentally posted this is the wrong forum, previously. I'm looking for a list of recommendations for red dot sights I can use on my TM M4A1 RIS. I don't want to spend more than $80 with $40-$60 being my sweet spot. Are any of the airsoft brands good enough to use or are they just going to be a waste of money.
  2. Hello all! I'm looking for a list of recommendations for red dot sights I can use on my TM M4A1 RIS. I don't want to spend more than $80 with $40-$60 being sweet spot. Are any of the airsoft brands good enough to use or are they just going to be a waste of money?
  3. All, M4 still shoots pretty well. ardrummer292, I did pick up a LiPo battery (just got my new equipment today). I ended up getting the Valken peq 1300 mah battery. I need to get a new wiring system for it.. I'll throw up some pics soon so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Had to clean up the hop up unit a little bit. Took it apart and got it back together alright. I ended up picking up 2 KWA 120 round mid caps. I think they are decent enough. They seem really well made. They leave a few bbs not feeding at the end of the mag but so do the marui mags so I'm not really upset about it at all. I decided to take the advice here as well as the advice I got on some facebook groups and leave it stock until I've played with it a few times. I may end up feeling like It doesn't need an upgrade at all. Paintball is my number one force on force kind of sport right now and it takes up enough money as it is.. I don't want to invest so much in airsoft as well since I'll probably just do this for fun with friends instead of consistent weekly gaming. We'll see though. I don't mean to completely contradict myself from the previous statement, but when I was younger I always loved the look of M4s with M203s on them. Have any of you used any of the airsoft ones that you can recommend? Can anybody recommend a good RDS? EDIT: The only thing I really noticed that was an issue is I sometimes get double feeding when shooting on semi. Is there anything I need to do to fix this? I also seem to remember reading that while airsoft guns have the ability to fire on semi.. because of the way the motor and gearbox are designed, they are meant to be fired on full auto. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. I have no desire to try and boost anything internally. It shoots 280 btw, pretty much all TMs from this generation did. I'm more concerned with externals/battery which I have less knowledge about than anything internal. Will the G&P front end kits function with the TM body?
  5. I have a Gen 1 M4A1 RIS that I have had for years (2005). I got it when I was a younger teen as a gift and back then most of the airsoft world was an adult game with most fields being 18+ kinda crowd. I've got a few buddies that play and I'd like to get the gun into gaming condition. It's completely stock other than a sling mount from the original TM M4A1 that mounts under the front sight post and pushes the sling to the 9 o'clock position instead of the 6 o'clock position. I don't know if I have the battery anymore and I've completely lose the fuse retainer that goes inside the rail. I've been out of airsoft scene for waaay tooo long and I'd feel pretty intimidated by opening up the gearbox so I'll probably leave all that stock (also heard TMs work forever in stock gearbox config). If I could have some feedback on what I'm thinking about getting for it and any other recommendations you in the community have I'd really appreciate it. My only real point of concern which I've been reading about for years is the infamous barrel wobble present in older TM M4 series; what's the best way to eliminate the wobble (outer barrel? metal upper receiver? both?)?? Here's what I've had in my head: New outer barrel (one piece) New inner barrel (or would it be better to keep stock inner barrel and upgrade hopup?) New Battery (I think it comes with a 8.4 I remember back in the day thinking I needed a 9.6?) New laser battery box Metal upper (if one piece barrel doesn't fix the wobble) Bit of a side topic, I remember back in the day Star was the only company who made full size (in dimension) magazines. The stock TM mags are a lot smaller than real AR-15 mags. Which companies make real steel sized mags now? As I stated earlier, any other feedback/need to know information about my model M4 would be greatly appreciated! The last time I used it was like 2011 and it shot great after all the years I'd had it. It's crazy how much I was all about airsoft as a kid and teen and now I feel like a complete noob 😝
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