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  1. This new MUM-14A Housing utilizes a a demo Gen 2+ MX-10160 Image Intensifier with FOM of 1248. The MUM-14A has 40-degree field of view, >40-hours operation(CR123), >20-hours operation(AA), and just 9.28 oz. Asking $1,700 shipped. More pics available. Nivisys MUM-14A Monocular Model: NVM-2000 MUM-14A SN: 1907003999 MX-10160 SN: 195351 The MUM-14A can run on CR123 and AA batteries. This kit includes the following accessories: MUM-14A Assembly Weapon Mount Soft Carry Case Neck Cord Objective Lens Cover Sacrificial Window Batteries (AA and CR123) Lens Cloth Demist Shield Shoulder Strap Eyecup Assembly Operator Manual Quick Reference Guide Head Mount Assy Swing Arm or Head/helmet Adapter Brow Pad
  2. I bought this from someone new with no tags/packaging. The chest rig has Padded Shoulder Straps, Six built-in M4 mag pouches, Two interior mesh pockets, MOLLE webbing for modular attachments, Adjustable/Removable chest platform, and Built-in Hydration carrier. This configuration has a really low profile on the chest. I also have a GADGET POUCH and LARGE UTILITY POUCH. Everything is matching Coyote Brown. The Large Utility Pouch has one small defect with the hook and loo stitching on the cover panel which is shown in the last pic. Looking for $50 shipped. Price is basically paying for the cost of the chest set with the two pouches thrown in which can be found for $13-$15 each.
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