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  1. Hey y'all Im wanting to introduce my son to Airsoft this coming Christmas. Last time I played Airsoft the JG brand just started becoming popular. I bought a JG G36C. I went with JG because they were cheap and high powered. The G36 plastic clamshell design was more economical and the clamshell design didn't flex . The also used a type 3 gearbox. From what I remember the type 3 was the strongest? Shot 410 out of the box. I never did any upgrades. I never had any issues with it. I wanted to keep it reliable. I did give it a nice Hibiscus flower camo paint job to represent my paintball background. Now it looks like the G36 design has to be from a licensed manufacturer? Right now my son and I have this game we play every day when I get home from work. We have some cheep Walmart Airsoft shotguns. When I get home I have to get from my truck to the house without getting shot. He hides in the trees, bushes and grass. If I make it to the house alive I then have to turn around and hunt him down.. He runs for the woods behind our house. So here are my needs, questions and budgets. Budget: 1. $150 - $180 per rifle. 2. Batteries and everything else can be on top of this price 3. Battery upgrades, Types, chargers? Model Preference: M4 or G36 or ? 1. If it has a plastic body I don't want it to flex. For example a plastic M4 shell will flex separate from the barrel. 2. Are the JG G36's I see on Ebay the same JG manufacturer I bought from years ago 3. Im not tied to a type 3 gearbox. I just want something sturdy out of the box. 4. If it's an M4 I would like it to be full metal or part metal. Flat top with a picatiny forgrip 5. Is there another gearbox I should be looking at? 6. Im not stuck on 400FPS, but I would like to have it somewhere around there 7. I don't really mess with upgrades, and Im a minimalist on the aesthetics of the shell of the gun. 8. Electric blowback is fun Where you play: 1. East TN woods Role: 1. no paticular role right now. Be Open to advice: Give it to me Thank you for all the help Holler
  2. Hello, I first got into Airsoft when the JG G36's came out. I helped start an Airsoft club back in Texas, had a blast. Got married left Airsoft and now have 6 kids! Now some years later I've decided to introduce some of my kiddos to Airsoft. I look forword to learning about Airsoft again.
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