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  1. Thanks for the response. Something within a $100 or less would be fine. I just want it to be entertaining for my son and if the gun isn’t fairly accurate, it may not be as fun. I’ve seen a bunch of spring rifles but can you hit a target with them... that’s what they don’t tell ya.
  2. I’ve done research and I’m looking for other opinions. My son is 8. I’m sure most will think that’s too young. I’m looking for a semi auto rifle that my son can use for backyard target practice while I’m there with him. The idea is starting him with gun safety with an air soft before he moves to a .22 in a couple years. When doing research, there’s not much info for younger kids. If a rifle with FPS under 300 is accurate at 25 yards I’d prefer to go that route. I’m fine with an AEG as long as it’s not fully automatic. I realize this isn’t much info and it may be frowned upon (per forum rules). It’s just that everything I read is for teenagers looking to get into the sport. thanks for any feedback!
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