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  1. Just wondering if you ever figured it out. I just posted the same question on this site. I made a mistake of not searching before I posted.
  2. I have a new Avalon Calibur that I took to a tech and installed the new Umbrella X PDI kit 6.05 mm R-Hop Inner Barrel and Umbrella Armory X Max model hopup and Prometheus purple bucking. The gun shoots great when the mag is have empty. If I try shooting a full mag the bb's will just fall out or go about a foot. I took it back to the tech and was told that it has to be broken in. I ran maybe a 1000 bb's thru and still the same thing. Then I took it to another tech and was told that hopup was not made to shoot semi auto and would work best on full auto. We shoot it full auto and it seemed to work. I just wanted to get some opinions before I buy a different hopup unit. I did try various mags and same problem with all of them. Has anybody else had this problem? I have this problem listed some where else and was told that I have to get a stronger tappet spring(could be mid cap syndrome). I want to give it a try but my son thinks if it was the tappet spring that the gun won't shoot right even after the mag is half empty.
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