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  1. actually that is perfect advice, thanks
  2. I was wondering if anyone could give me any tactic tips for playing with a pistol only. Part of the reason is that it is all I have at the moment ( M9) and another reason is I simply enjoy doing things the hard way. Any ideas concerning concealment or movement tactics etc would be helpful.
  3. I live just south of San Antonio in Jourdanton. Just got a KJW M9 PTP and am working on a G&G Raider.. looking for a group to play with .. more into a competitive group but would gladly group up for casual play as well. Plan making Mission Airsoft Fields my home field unless a better option comes available.
  4. The name explains it all, I'm a Deckape at heart.. served in the USN as .. you guessed it .. Boatswainsmate. I jumped around a bit and served also in the Army Reserves and the Texas Air National Guard before I realized it was time for something else.. I've worked with animals for the last 10 yrs. I have always been very much a competitive person but I never lose my cool and rage out during a match .. I'm intense but not an idiot lol. I am brand new to airsoft but pretty salty when it comes to firearms.. I just bought my first gun.. a KJW M9 PTP, working on getting a G&G Raider. I can't wait to step on the field and skulk around with my pistol until I obtain my rifle.
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