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  1. Personally, I'm a fan of ATACS FG, but I am interested in trying out the Russian Digital Flora. I just need to figure out what size I need to get.
  2. Primary CG Sig 556 AEG UTG Reflex Micro Dot Custom single point sling that attaches to my carrier Sidearm EMG/Salient Red Hi-Capa 1911 Co2 O-Light Mini Valkyrie pistol light Custom Kydex drop leg holster BDU / Clothing / Safety ATACs FG TDUs 5.11 ATAC Boots - Coyote Brown Emerson MICH helmet Faux Gunsight Mandible Viktos Wartorn Gloves Old pair of ESS ballistic goggles (yay army days) Occasionally I was an OD Green balaclava Tactical Gear Condor Operator Plate Carrier ORM T-MARC radio cable Motorola Astro Sabre (and I also have the TRI Harris PRC-152 clone but I use the motorola more) Military Riggers belt OD suspenders (army surplus) triple rifle mag pouch triple pistol mag pouch Enola Gay EG18x (when we're at a place that allows smoke) Condor dump pouch 1 Camelback hydration system with a 2-liter bladder I think that's about it....
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