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  1. I'm pretty much a milsim kid and there are a few of us that use radios. I found a company that makes some really nice antenna cables for pretty cheap and wanted to put the info out there for anyone else that might be interested. ormohio.shop If this isn't allowed, I'm sorry. I just think its a nice piece of gear.
  2. Personally, I'm a fan of ATACS FG, but I am interested in trying out the Russian Digital Flora. I just need to figure out what size I need to get.
  3. Primary CG Sig 556 AEG UTG Reflex Micro Dot Custom single point sling that attaches to my carrier Sidearm EMG/Salient Red Hi-Capa 1911 Co2 O-Light Mini Valkyrie pistol light Custom Kydex drop leg holster BDU / Clothing / Safety ATACs FG TDUs 5.11 ATAC Boots - Coyote Brown Emerson MICH helmet Faux Gunsight Mandible Viktos Wartorn Gloves Old pair of ESS ballistic goggles (yay army days) Occasionally I was an OD Green balaclava Tactical Gear Condor Operator Plate Carrier ORM T-MARC radio cable Motorola Astro Sabre (and I also have the TRI Harris PRC-152 clone but I use the motorola more) Military Riggers belt OD suspenders (army surplus) triple rifle mag pouch triple pistol mag pouch Enola Gay EG18x (when we're at a place that allows smoke) Condor dump pouch 1 Camelback hydration system with a 2-liter bladder I think that's about it....
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