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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie and have questions. I'm returning to the airsoft world after briefly getting into it in 2015. And I've noticed my favorite guns back then are now discontinued. My dream gun was the ICS G33 AEG. If any of you remember this, you can understand why. The special folding stock and M4 mag conversion with the original thumb release intact is gold for G36 lovers who want common mags for team play. Discontinued. This also includes the King Arms SIG 556. Discontinued. Nevermind all the Walther PPK/S models. Discontinued... :( Such a great sadness upon my memory. Anyway, my question is about your thoughts on whether these guns are still good to use. Do many of you still use discontinued guns? Would you be find with buying and using a discontinued gun for games? I'd like to find a G33 to use in games but IDK if I missed the boat or not. Would it be like buying a used car for a grand with parts about to fail? It has a V3 gearbox but beyond that IDK if it takes different barrels, hop-ups, or whatever else. Thank you, SteveTheAirsofter
  2. Is there a brand, or a model, that seems to be here to stay forever?
  3. 5 years ago I bought a handful of Airsoft guns expecting to get into it... Then got married, became instand dad, moved 20 hrs away and had a kid. Now I'm stable enough to do stuff. Yay! The guns I got were: Rifle - WE G39 GBB (HK G36) Pistol - Marushin FN Five-Seven Pistol - Marushin Walther PPK/S You might understand my frustration when ALL these guns are now out of production and are very much unsupported via parts. The Five-Seven's magazine seals have cracked, and the PPK needs an inner barrel (as it was used as a movie prop). Luckily the rifle works great and I have enough magazines. But I have a 12yo stepson that I was going to give the PPK to because it fits his grip well. That clearly can't happen anymore. So when buying my next pistol and rifle, what do you experienced folk suggest I get that will still be IN PRODUCTION when parts are needed? Should we really just get an M4 and 1911 out of the thousands of choices out there? Thank you so much, Steve
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