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  1. Polar Star LMG at a NUCLEAR FACILITY! Location- Barnwell, SC Check link below. https://youtu.be/FSpNBbOfkuI
  2. We are an airsoft team located in the greater Charlotte, NC area. We took a short hiatus but have an active schedule for 2020. Anyone from the area? Don't see very many teams anymore! Let us know what games are going down and we will hopefully see you out there! www.valhallaairsoft.com www.youtube.com/valhallaoda IG-Valhalla_ODA
  3. Hello everyone, we are a team formed back in 2009. Took a recent hiatus but we are back and plan to be very active in 2020. Located near Charlotte, NC. Any east coast players? Hope to play with some of you soon! www.valhallaairsoft.com valhallaairsoft<AT>gmail.com IG-Valhalla_ODA www.youtube.com/valhallaoda
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