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  1. Want to say AIT training but could be Basic. don't mind the pre modern trigger finger, no one downrange, nothing in the chamber or magazine & obviously pointed up into the trees.
  2. This is the gear I used to wear while in, now for playing airsoft. Kevlar Helmet with very faded woodland cover Issued sun/dust/wind (not suitable for airsoft) goggles Flak Vest in faded woodland CA m16a1 aeg rifle Riggers Cap with rank & rigger wings m17 Gas mask bag with mask inside web gear/alice gear - 2 m16 pouches, 2 canteens with covers, 1 canteen cup, 1 butt pack, 1 1st aid kit with full insert, 1 pistol holster with KJW GBB m1911 hicap pistol, 1 set y suspenders, 1 1st aid pouch with attached issued compass. I was dancing in between weather so didnt feel like dragging out anything that would get really wet. Yes, I didnt show what eyepro I wear instead of the issued goggles as we all know that the issued goggles unless altered do not protect from bbs. I might do my "gone to the devil" pc loadout if my field reopens or I just get bored one day & say the heck with it. As for selfies? Not too bloody likely from me.
  3. Yes, I know its short notice but trying to get these forums back up & interesting. Operation The Big Powder Keg VA being held at 9-11 airsoft in Greenwood DE on 29 Feb 2020. While the pre entry has been closed they will take walkons. https://911paintballsports.com/index.html Yes, they used to be a paintball field but I think they renovated the site & all the old Pball stuff is pretty much gone or is all gone.
  4. Hi all, Yes, I'm from the mid atlantic area of the USA, formerly a paintball player of woodsball, big game & 40-48 hour scenrio type of games. I used to do Wayne Dollacks (owner of Waynes World in FL) up at Skirmish in the Pocono Mountains of PA. I grew up around weapons & was on my HS's Rifle team that was sonsered by the NRA, I started playing paintball in 85-86 at a "bandit" field near me. Went into the military in 90, so am a Cold War, Desert Shield/Storm vet, even got to play a tournament or two while stationed overseas. Came back to the world, played a mess of games at different northeast fields but gave it up for reasons back around 98-99. Mainly because my local bandit field closed down, there were no other local fields & somewhat due to the negative attitude of the speedballers moving in. I've always kept up on Pball, so around 2017 I started looking into getting back into the sport. But something just didnt appeal to me anymore then I heard about airsoft while browsing Reddit, I knew what I wanted for a rifle. So I kept looking & knowing the rep that Classic Army had, being one of the few that still made an M16 version I kept searching. I finally got my CA M16A1, a double stack KJW M1911 (hicap) & dug my old gear out. I will be doing my impression of the CW/DS/DS era but also will be working on Vietnam War era due to my father being a Nam vet along with some of his friends, who I used to spend a lot of time talking with about their service.
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