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  1. Hey folks, I'm new here. I recently happened upon a Mauser sniper rifle which was given to me by a neighbor who was moving out of their house and dug it up out of their attic. The rifle itself is branded as Mauser and came in three parts- the base, the barrel with bolt and trigger attached, and a little extra piece which I think attaches to the back of the bolt. Keep in mind I'm a long-time airsofter, but I've never had to assemble a rifle without any instructions or advisory, and I'm not even sure if I've got all the parts I need. I was never given the magazine- they said they'd drop it in soon- and the rail on top of the rifle is missing. The bolt also gets stuck when I bring it back, and requires me to push in the silver part for it to move. I'm wondering if anyone knows this rifle, or even possibly owns one, and if so I'm wondering if you could tell me what I'm missing, or if this piece even works at all. I'll leave some pictures below of it too. Thanks a mill for your help, SOG Tristan. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gx23vh71MtHSbPnE6
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