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  1. Ill take 2 if you have them. How do I purchase them?
  2. Thankyou for the response. Do you have a link for that pack?
  3. I recently bought a Tokyo Marui Mk18 and ordered a prometheus lipo conversion and dean connectors. What is a good battery for me to use with this? I was thinking VAPEXTECH - AIRSOFT 7.4V 1600MAH 30C LIPO BATTERY WITH CASE LP014 (DEANS VERSION). Im not too familiar with airsoft and what batteries will work amd not.
  4. It was definently more than I wanted to spend. However, after doing research I learned about the TM with the bolt lock and the 30 round mags. I have a real MK18 and this clone will be a great trainer for me. I can set it up almost identical to mine. Ill be able to do drills and mag changes in my back yard as well as different barricade positions to get the muscle memory. When I go to the airsoft park with my daughter I will get a lot more out of this gun then I would a different one as far as training goes. So in the end it is worth it for me to spend a little extra for one I can get actual practical training with. Where do you recomend looking for the SP01? I see it on evike for 140 for the green gas. I was thinking to get the co2 version. Is green gas cheaper than co2?
  5. Cancelled the order for the Avalon and went with Tokyo Marui next gen mk18
  6. Ended up going with Elite Force VFC Avalon calibur carbine gen 2
  7. So I recently took my daughter out to an indoor airsoft place and we had a blast. Id like to go out more with her and my other kids as they get older and am going to buy some guns. To start I was thinking Krytac Full Metal Trident MKII CRB with a light and a red dot sight. For my daughter who is almost 9 and small the m4 we rented was a little big for her and I was thinking shed do better with a pistol. I own real CZ handguns and realy like them so I was thinking of CZ75 SP-01 Shadow Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol by ASG and/or ASG CZ 75 D Compact CO2 NBB. Are these guns good choices? My budget is not much more then 350 for the rifle and 150 for pistol. The other 2 rifles I was looking at is VFC Daniel Defense Licensed MK18 MOD1 Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Avalon Gearbox or Elite Force/VFC Avalon Gen2 Full Metal VR16 Gladius CQB M4 AEG
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