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  1. Hi all, So my ACETECH BT already kind of suppresses my KRYTAC MKII PDW, So Im throwing around the idea of filling the remaining void around the internals of the unit to suppress it even more. I guess my question is... Do you think the foam along with running electronics of the unit will generate too much heat and screw up my tracer? Any and all intelligent opinions appreciated Thank you.
  2. why does the amoeba arms pmg-300 airsoft m4 magazine say restricted law enforcement & government use only?
  3. Bbop


    Sorry I didnt have the item before. no this thing is 100% metal the only thing is not metal is that CAA stock everything else is metal its got one solid metal cnc milled outer barrel it's got all black gear box with no markings on outside already put gearbox in something else. Havent opened it yet, just want to see it shoot first. I have a funny feeling that might be how itll get identified if ever. the motor was all black with no identification marks with blue plastic at back and a dull silver metal long shaft type. All goldish Ball bearing gearbox. It did shoot it once before my mag messed up and it sounded like nothing I've ever heard it was like a real soft thump, it was whisper quiet.. I'll upload some more photos when I get when I log back in this time after I get done running my errands
  4. Can anyone idenify this aeg for me.. I just bought it online (havent got it yet) but he says theres no brand or model markings. I bought it basically for parts but Id like to know whst exactly it is firstt lol. Only markings I can see are the "CAA" on the stock snd the "only for airsoft" near the rail and the" C A "on the right side near rail.
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