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  1. Hey guys! Title says everything, I really want to upgrade my newly purchased TM Type 89 AEG to HPA. It's probably my absolutely favorite Gun and I really wanna use it for all that it's worth but the electric version just doesn't cut it performance wise, so I wanna upgrade it to HPA. I've already consulted a good number of people on this, yet most couldn't give me too much of help as this is an already very rare gun. I've asked Wolverine, and was told that their Inferno V2 should potentially fit, together with a G36 Nozzle. Polarstar hasn't answered me so far, but I hope that I'll get some help there too, as I'll be needing all the help I can get. I'm also very uncertain about the whole electric setup with the HPA systems, what could potentially work, etc. So, if anyone can give me any insight and is willing to help me with this project, I'd really appreciate it!
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