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  1. Yeah it can handle it it’s shooting 400-420 with .2's and yeah I meant the hive. And thanks I didn’t even think about measuring the stock suppressor and seeing how much longer the hive is. I just check to see how long the factory mock suppressor is and its 100 mm so I think I just need to add 60 mm to my stock inner barrel length of 190. so I think I need a 250 mm inner barrel. Correct me if I'm wrong
  2. Yeah I want it to stick through the suppressor too and that’s the isssue I’m having. The gun comes with a really ugly mock suppressor to hide the inner barrel and I want to change to an ac hex mock suppressor but I don’t know how much longer of a barrel I need because the inner barrel is already poking out without the original mock suppressor. Idk if maybe I need to get one that’s a little longer than I need and just cut to fit because Idk if they make a inner barrel the right size. What do you think would be the best option?
  3. I have an Elite force m4 cqc that I have swapped the gearbox for an ares and now it shoots around 400 I plan on putting a high torque motor in it too. I also am thinking about an angel custom tight bore barrel but I don't know what would be the right length because I want to take the ugly factory mock suppressor and put on a angel custom hex mock suppressor that is 160 mm long. I am trying to figure out what the right inner barrel length would be to match the mock suppressor. can anybody help?
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