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  1. Ok, Thanks!! the o-ring is like shredded and some of the teeth are chipped the AOE was probably off so I bought a new stock one Would you recommend a type of oil for the cylinder? Also, would silicone grease work for the gears cuz silicone is light?
  2. my bad its the actual piston itself so the one on the right oh and you use silicone oil or grease to lubricate it right?
  3. lol I'm stupid I figured out my mistake my piston o-ring is shredded I'm going to buy a new one... Any recommendations for pistons are appreciated also does the piston and the sleeve/head need to be the same brand?
  4. Ok thanks! I don't actually want my gun at 460, so il probably get the prommy m120. Do you think that since my gun is supposed to come with an m120 stock that a prommy m120 would be okay without any upgrades or would a PDI 170 be better or maybe even just a new stock spring I like fixing things and troubleshooting so I'm sure ill find it doable. oh and one last thing, what things could I clean or check on to possibly increase the fps like seals or gaskets or anything?
  5. Okay, thank you for the info! Do the Prometheus springs settle a lot? I have heard they're semi-soft. Also the ratings for the PDIs confuse me how do they compare to M ratings? For example, this one is 190%, and it says 400 - 410 fps which is exactly what I want https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Echo-1-Modify-SP120-AEG-Spring-2464/ [edit]: also this Prometheus spring I found has a really big range of fps, would it maybe start off in the high end of the rating and settle down into the low end? https://www.evike.com/products/32455/ [edit 2]: I can't seem to find PDI springs in stock anywhere and all I really want is to bring it back to stock fps or a little higher with a good quality spring and I'm assuming that it's not stock fps because it obviously shoots slower than other guns that are supposed to shoot like 400. Should I probably just get a Prometheus m120 (m120 is what comes stock in my gun) to bring it to stock again? or would an m130 be okay and not hurt the stock gun. I don't go anywhere for professional airsoft I just do it with my family and friends so I don't have access to a chronograph.
  6. Hey so I just got a used Krytac m4 and I can see that the fps is lower than other newer guns that the rest of my family have that are supposed to be running around 400 fps and I was wondering if I need to just get a new stock spring or if I could upgrade to a guarder sp120. The stock spring should be an m120 I haven't checked for sure yet but it is not upgraded everything stock. I have heard a lot of good things about the guarder springs and I have heard that they tend to be higher than the m ratings so I could also get an sp110 but I read that they don't drop as much dramatic of a difference as other brands such as systema when they settle. The gun is completely stock, so if not a guarder then I want to get just an m125 or 130 spring so I am also looking for a good brand for those if not a guarder spring. Thanks! also here is the link to the spring that is in one of the guns im comparing mine too and the link to the gun itself. Gun: https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Lancer-Tactical-LT-12TL-G2-Gen-2-M4-Carbine-AEG-Airsoft-Rifle-Tan-33302/ Spring: https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Echo-1-Modify-SP120-AEG-Spring-2464/ Edit I did some more research and turns out its a mk1 so that explains the low fps but my question still stands
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