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  1. It sounds like I’m going to go with an arp 9 and upgrade the internals to where I want them to be. Thank you for the help guges🙏
  2. I’ve always really liked the g&g arp 9 but I play mostly field and not cqb. If I went that route, is there anyway I could get it to be able to compete with full size AEGS? I’m planning on installing g hop on what ever I end up getting plus some internal stuff like shimming and gearing changes. Do you guys think a barrel extension would be needed too, for field play?
  3. I know but I’m not to worried about getting mags, I have some local shops and there’s always Evike or Airsoft gi
  4. So I could get a pic to unload but I did go to a local shop and they let me try an EF mag and it ran like new, I really appreciate you help with this. Thank you
  5. Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas for a outdoor gun that isn’t an ak or m4. I’m looking some anything just different like scars or Masada/acr that’s sub $300. I’ve kind of got tired of seeing the same old same old every field I go to. Any ideas?
  6. So I cleaned the whole handgun and tried both of my mags, the stock mag it came with is the one that jammed every time. My after market extended mag ran till it was out of gas with out problems. I can’t post a pic. I think my best bet is to get new mags, do you know where I can get some?
  7. Much appreciated guges I’ll try that, and if it still doesn’t work I guess I’m ordering a new side arm. I’ll post some pictures if it still won’t work.
  8. My black water bw1911 r2 double feeds and jams with out making it through one mag, I have been able to find parts any where, I was told it might be the hop up bucking. I taken to the forums to hopefully find some help.
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