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  1. Yo Guges Mk3, where did you find this on DenTrinity? I’ve searched their website with lots of keyword searches including just simply “piston” and looked at dozens and DOZENS of search results but couldn’t find it 😐
  2. Ha shoot man, that’s pretty great! Thanks a lot for looking around, much appreciated. Never heard of DenTrinity before, but I checked ‘em out, and they seem like the real OGs! Yeah, I can imagine there would be an automatic drop in FPS/ROF with a heavier bolt anyways (unless you somehow tossed a 12-volt LiPo in there and replaced all parts impacted by the piston with MIM steel replacements to compensate 🤣). It does seem like a lot of work for a functional downgrade, huh? Lol. I had thought it would be sweet to replace the outer shell of the Kriss with something more sturdy (3D printed), but from what I’m seeing from our correspondence, it doesn’t seem that that is what would be suffering advanced stress factors. And YouTube seems a plethora of opportunities - Appreciate the offer, I’ll let ya know if I find some good stuff 👍
  3. Hm, seems like it’d a rough go at it in the least. Not sure if you’ve seen KWA’s Ronin TK .45, but that has an electric recoil system in it (I own one). The recoil isn’t as impressive as a GBB to be sure, but it’s definitely present and adds to the experience. I’ll probably just take a look at the set-up they have in there. Of course, the Kriss isn’t set up like the Ronin, but there may be some principle ideas that could transfer. Like you were saying, though, sometimes you don’t know how these things will perform until you make it, play with it for 6 months, and then find yourself with unforeseen consequences... Lol, WHELP guess that’s the consequence of inventing stuff! I guess my greatest problem may actually be not having enough knowledge on airsoft internals. 😕 Do you know of any great sources for newbs to learn airsoft internals, Guges Mk3? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Huh. Sounds like you really know your airsoft internals over there, Guges Mk3! When you say “recoil on a low bore axis run and not have it cause premature stress factors”, are there any materials in particular you think might experience unmanageable stress? Maybe those pieces could be replaced with more durable materials. I’d like to figure out if it’s a space issue (not enough room within the casing) or if it’s a material durability issue (or both). I’ve done a bit of metal working and 3D print stuff, so I think I could make it work (even if the answer was a little unconventional 😆), I just don’t know airsoft internals all that well, so I’m not sure what might need replacing/inventing.
  5. Ha, thanks for your input, Guges Mk3. Gas models come with their own limitations/flaws, however, which I’d like to avoid. A recoil kit for a Vector is potentially a huge challenge to accomplish, but it’s seriously FAR from impossible! As a fellow red-blooded American, I’m sure you appreciate my optimism 💡✈️🚀💻🔭🇺🇸
  6. For the same reason people invented simulated recoil in the first place — Added immersion! Guges Mk3, you’re question makes total sense from a functionalist perspective, but I’d love to see more immersive aspects brought to the Vector, that’s all. 💯
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