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  1. I'm reading everywhere that because tm doesn't have a licence on glock, glock basically threatened to sue if retailers didn't stop selling them in america. I'm seeing that basically you have to buy over seas, and that it's a gamble because it could get seized at the border. And while it is unlikely that having one while have any legal troubles, it's still technically not allowed to be in the U.S. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because this is just what I've gathered from reddit.
  2. I think I'm going to go with a tm g19. Isn't technically illegal to order one while you're in the U.S.?
  3. Ok so I think that I have it narrowed down between the glock 18c and a glock 19. Do you have anything to persuade me either way?
  4. OK, this is a lot of information to take in, and I'm super glad that I have someone seemingly truly knowledgeable about airsoft. So my understanding is that, a) I wouldn't need an o-ring, b) I need just propane with nothing else when the weather is mild, c) silicone oil mixed isn't good. So, how do you keep you gbb lubricated and running smoothly?
  5. I'm going to buy from army panda, as I'm in the US, and I'm thinking of the glock 19, or glock 17. Also, what's your view on the glock 18c, is it just as good just with a full auto switch? Would it be worth it? Lastly, I'm thinking of using propane, getting silicone, and an adapter, but my understanding is that the tm glock series is meant to run on duster gas. So, to make sure you can fill as much propane as you can, you have to put an o-ring where you put the gas. Are there any videos on how to do that, or can you explain to me what I have to do? Thank you for your recommendations.
  6. Ok I'm thinking of getting a TM glock. Are there any models you would suggest? Links would be super helpful. Thanks, I appreciate the input.
  7. Ok thank you, are their any particular pistols you would recommend, perhaps the sig sauer proforce m17, or the baby yaga high capa? Any other suggestions?
  8. I have purchased an elite force 1911 tac a few years back, which I view as a mistake. I am looking in to getting a new pistol, I want something that is co2, good for outdoor field use, has good performance, is preferably not another 1911 design, and is under $200. What would you recommend for me?
  9. Ok, I will order the crane 2s 2200mah and I think I found the packing I want. It's a maple leaf monster aeg hop up rubber bucking 70 degrees. Also, will the vsr 10 rubber packing I ordered work with my elite force 1911 tac?
  10. Solid advice, I appreciate you helping. I just ordered a monster 70 and a 1400 mah 7.v 2s lipo from you.
  11. Also, once again, you would recommend the 7.4v 2S over the 11.1v 3S?
  12. Ok, I'm very appreciative of your help. You have saved me a bunch of money and been super helpful and responsive. You are incredibly knowledgeable and I am super glad that you have worked me through this as I have learned a great deal. I will get the battery and the Maple Leaf Monster 70 packing. I will update you on how it runs!
  13. I noticed that the batteries you have are only 25c, isn't that low? Don't I want a higher C rating for better performance? Also, what number bucking do I want (For example: 60 Delta, 70 Monster, 75 Autobot, ETC.)
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