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  1. I see... Well, then I'll go for Japanese airsoft products when budget allows, at least I can expect something from them. As you've mentioned, there's is a standard. I don't have a rock polisher here so, yeah, I'm stuck with these bbs. At least most shots don't double feed and it gets less common when the battery level is high. Thanks for the help and valuable information dude.
  2. It doesn't seem to be that easy any longer... 12 years ago, Brazil was another country, not to mention that airsoft wasn't even regulated, the first official legislation came in 2010, and there have been some updates in 2017 as well. To import items by yourself, you need special certification, not to mention that taxation is almost inevitable, the Brazilian Customs are much more rigorous nowadays due to the financial crisis, they inspect everything they can. I wouldn't risk it, I don't want to be fined. And with the US dollar so expensive, it is not viable to import, at least while this pandemic lasts. About your reply on what to get... If the level of polishing was clearly displayed in the description, why would I have sent you pictures to confirm it is high polish? I would have simply told you, right? So it wasn't there. All I thought I knew was that I was purchasing good quality bbs due to the brand's reputation here. And that's the problem, most sellers here don't mention whether it is medium or high polish. They just mention brand, grammage and quantity, and whether it is tracer or not. Some times they mention "high precision" or "less drag", but not always, and that doesn't necessarily mean it is high polish. So, as you can see, it's kinda hard for me to figure it out. I'll keep an eye on that, but it's not that easy, unfortunately. You mentioned a Japanese brand before, Maruzen SGM, the Japanese bbs are the best, right? Is Tokyo Marui any good for your standards? It's the only Japanese brand I can easily find here, but it's very expensive, a pack of only 1300 0.25g bbs costs the same as the 4000 bbs SRC pack I purchased. There has to be a difference to justify such price difference, as SRC is already a good brand. Should I go for Tokyo Marui next time I'm purchasing bbs? And you skipped my question on what to do with the bbs I have here, how to at least minimize this issue with my AEP. Is there anything I can do? Any help is appreciated.
  3. I'm a beginner in airsoft, and I was indeed very, very misinformed. Thanks for the clarification, my friend. At last, someone 100% honest in this planet! I didn't have a clue about such negligence in the industry. I'm shocked, really. Tutorials told me the contrary, that the "ideal" bb is a perfectly round one, that imperfections may cause damage to your gun, may break inside, are innacurate, etc. But the people who wrote those tutorials were very mistaken, and no one bothered correct them for some reason. If it wasn't for your explanation, I would be in the dark for god knows how long... I'm not naive to think that sellers are as honest as you were with me, but at least the level polish is supposed to be indicated somewhere, it is vital information, it's like selling bbs without mentioning the grammage. And actually I live in Brazil, things are even worse here, the spread of misinformation is greater than in the US. Costumers get the worst quality products, high-end airsoft equipment is starringly expensive here, and usually requires importation with a huge amount of bureaucracy, as airsoft is a heavily controled product by the army and the brazilian federal revenue. But complaining doesn't solve the situation, I don't want this to happen ever again, every time my gun shoots two bbs I'm wasting the money I've spent in this pack. Next time I'm shopping for bbs, Is there any way I can find out if they are high polish or not? I've purchased this pack online, do I need to inspect the bbs in person to be sure, or is there a method? It's a shame that I can't ask for a refund, as the pack has been opened and bbs were used, so I'm stuck with them. But is there anything I can do to fix the double feeding issue? I was thinking of doing something to make the magazine hold the bbs a little more tightly, maybe put some tape on top where the bbs are held inside, just a little. Could it work? Sorry for the sheer ignorance, it's just very frustrating, and I want to know how exactly how I should handle this situation.
  4. Thanks for the fast response! I've charged my gun's battery and the issue seems to be less common now, even though it still happens. Does it also have to do with the gun's low energy (0.37J) and velocity (only ~180fps with 0.25g)? Here are the pictures of the bbs finish and the pack. But isn't high polish supposed to be of the best quality available? And what is this small bore type, how can I know if I'm buying this kind of bbs or not? I've never seen any information on packs detailing whether it is small bore or not. And why is it tricky to use, does it work only with certain guns?
  5. Hello everyone, I've just purchased a 1kg pack of SRC 0.25g bbs, and for some reason, I'm facing feeding issues with my Cyma CM030 AEP. Every time there are only three rounds left in the magazine, the gun shoots two bbs at once, leaving one round in the mag. It can also occur earlier (less frequently), but it happens every time there are three bbs left. Usually, this feeding issue has to do the bucking, but it doesn't seem to be a problem with the gun, nor with lubrication, as I wasn't facing the same issue when I used my other pack of 0.20g bbs, and it seems that those 0.25g bbs can be inserted by applying less force on the speedloader or when manually inserting bbs, they seem go inside the magazine more easily, in other words. My hypothesis is that the bbs are not being held properly inside the mag, is it because those SRC bbs are "5.95mm -0.01mm" instead of 6mm? As far as I know, bbs are supposed to be 6mm in diameter. Does this mean anything? Did I purchase the "wrong" bbs? SRC is known as a good brand for bbs, and they don't seem to be faulty. Thanks in advance!
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