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  1. I'm using M130 Spring (Rocket Brand), already solved the problem, it was the piston oring lol. I bought a metal piston head to replace the stock one. now works great, could have gotten away with just replacing the oring but why not. lol. right now im getting consistent readings at 0.23g 440-450fps <AT> 18rps. Barrel length is 363mm 6.01 tight barrel. planning to change the cylinder too. any recommendations? Current cylinder is type 0. planning to replace it with a type 1.
  2. Can someone help me with my problem, I am having random FPS drops, current fps is around 440-450fps <AT>0.23 but sometimes drops to around 200-300fps. Can't find the problem. cylinder has good compression. tight barrel and bucking also has a good seal. cylinder head and airseal nozzle also has a good seal. airseal nozzle has good contact with the bucking. should I try replacing the bucking to a different brand? the internals are as follows SHS Cylinder head SHS Airseal nozzle (trimmed down to the correct size and tapered the edge) M130 Spring 6.01 Tight Barrel SRC Hop Up Bucking the rest is stock.
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