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  1. My family recently got 4 Airsoft guns. 3 lancer tactical M4s(GEN 2s) and a lancer tactical ak47. The AK is pretty nice and 2 of the m4s are good but my m4 is not really working right. We are using high quality .20 gram BBs, like it recommends however mine doesn’t always shoot when you pull the trigger and on full auto mode it sometimes works okay, but usually after 8ish shots it just dry fires. This is really frustrating to me, and during a battle having an unreliable gun would suck. I know the Lancer tactical aren’t very good other than as beginner guns. I don’t want to spend a fortune on a gun, however I would like to spend a good amount on it. Are there any recommended guns or brands? I would like electric rifles, M4s are preferred however not a necessity.
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