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  1. Hey guys, I am new here.. basicallly found this forum as I was looking for a good allround forum to ask a specific question and maybe hang around. I have a kjw full metal M9 with CO2 magazine and setup, with this gun I have been using some ramaining parts I used to upgrade my of a former M9A1 marui, among which a high percision barrel I modified. unfortunately this includes a guarder high flow output valve that is not CO2 suitable (see link below) never the less, I am stubborn and I tried anyways. after waisting 4 CO2 cylinders I gave up. the real issue is that once the cylinder is in the output valve won't open.. now my question is the following: 1) what makes a output valve not suitable for CO2 (can I modify this into CO2 suitable maybe). 2) why won't it open? does it freeze solid maybe upon entering the cylinder. any thoughts are ofcourse welcome.. but please state if it is actual knowledge or thoughts. https://www.begadi.com/tuning-internals/gas-co2-pistols-tuning/army-armament-r17/guarder-high-output-ventil-fuer-tm-we-kjw-p226-serie.html?___store=en&___from_store=en
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