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  1. Thanks! The main reason I was asking if it used a V2 gearbox is how easily they can be upgraded. The only thing I was worried about is a lot of people say that the ARP9 will lose performance due to the shorter inner barrel. That must be a pretty powerful G35 to shoot like an upgraded AEG, what did you do to it to make it that powerful? Also, is it a WE Tech or Tokyo Marui?
  2. Which gun should I get? I've heard that if you choose an SMG it will do about the same as a full size M4. Also, what gearbox does the ARP9 have? If it's a version 2, that would be amazing!
  3. Thanks! I think one of the first things I'm gonna do is making a CNC upper receiver for durability, but you made a good point. Thanks!
  4. I recently bought one and wanted to know if anyone else thought it was super cool! I just can't wait to start modding this thing to the max!
  5. I love it, what about you?
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