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  1. I moved over to Airsoft Society and figured out I'm gonna go with the ARP9 for usability and how it's easier to upgrade. Thanks for your suggestion though! Have a nice day!
  2. Ohhhhh. You meant I wouldn't have to worry about killing people with it. Makes sense now.
  3. What do you mean "Won't have to worry about shooting people with that item" ? I don't really care what it looks like, (Unless it's painted like a rainbow) I just want something that is lightweight, small, and performs well.
  4. Yeah, I've been hearing that's the best thing to start out with. I probably wouldn't start teching on my primary. Evike.com has some boneyard AEGs that I might check out.
  5. Yeah, I never was great at physics! Thanks for helping me out! I've been pretty terrified at opening up any gearbox, and I obviously wouldn't want to ruin it. I've been watching a few tutorials to see how hard it is to build a V2 Mechbox. It doesn't look easy, which I'm sure it isn't. I could have an airsoft tech open up the mechbox and put in the parts, but I'd rather do it myself if I can figure out how. Plus, it'd be another skill to have under my belt.
  6. I joined Airsoft Society July 30th and I still can't figure out how to post. LOL Anyway, thanks for helping me out! I'm probably going to forget the MP5K and just focus on either getting the MP5 or ARP9. Partially because of the V2 Mechbox and longer inner barrels. I think the ARP9 will be more customizable, main reason that's a big deal is because none of it's gonna stay stock besides the frame. But I've always wanted to own a real MP5, but don't have the money to spend $1800 on even an MP5 replica, so that's why I loved the fact of possibly owning at the very least, an MP5 airsoft gun. All I'm looking for is the best performer that I can keep relatively small and still get good range and power, which I think will be the ARP9, due to it being mostly an M4.
  7. Thanks for the input! I've seen a lot of posts on Airsoft Society, only problem is I can't figure out how to post anything. So far I'm leaning to the MP5 kind of platform, which I think should be able to get the barrel to 250mm.
  8. Thanks! Seems you're the only one on here. Do you think there is any way to up the power of the MP5K? Mainly because I play in outdoor fields much more than indoor.
  9. Soooo... I've made my decision. I'm looking at the ARP9 and the MP5, as the title suggests. I've heard that the MP5 uses a V2 Mechbox just like your run of the mill M4 and the ARP9. I love the look of the MP5 a bit more than the ARP9, but, I like the look of the MP5K a bit more due to its size. Only problem is I've heard that the MP5K uses a V3 Mechbox. Main reason I want a V2 Mechbox is the parts are quite easy to find and I'm pretty experienced with the V2 Mechbox. I'm mostly asking if anyone knows for sure what mechbox a MP5 uses, but am also asking which one you think is better. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks! The main reason I was asking if it used a V2 gearbox is how easily they can be upgraded. The only thing I was worried about is a lot of people say that the ARP9 will lose performance due to the shorter inner barrel. That must be a pretty powerful G35 to shoot like an upgraded AEG, what did you do to it to make it that powerful? Also, is it a WE Tech or Tokyo Marui?
  11. Which gun should I get? I've heard that if you choose an SMG it will do about the same as a full size M4. Also, what gearbox does the ARP9 have? If it's a version 2, that would be amazing!
  12. Thanks! I think one of the first things I'm gonna do is making a CNC upper receiver for durability, but you made a good point. Thanks!
  13. I recently bought one and wanted to know if anyone else thought it was super cool! I just can't wait to start modding this thing to the max!
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