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  1. ok so we stay on sr 25 hahah which company makes best one?
  2. actually sr 25 pretty nice,is it possible to put m16a1 handgrip on ? so it look more like vietnam war weapon?
  3. ahh sadly I am not fan of sr25 and scar =P I am more like old school,but thank you very much mate,I already have an AK and tt33,any luck with dragunov or m16?
  4. Thank you very much, so you wanna tell me I should go for v3 type of rifles for dmr?
  5. I cant post picture because I still don't own it,they have g3 in my local store but I didnt buy it yet beacuse I need to know first is it possible to make proper semi dmr,I am EU player,why is v2 bad? switch to v3?
  6. thanks for answer field requirement for DMR(we also call it in my country semi auto sniper rifle) : 2:50 joule or 500-520 fps with 0.20 only semy auto(full auto must be mechanicly disabled)
  7. Hello to everyone, im new on this forum, I would like to make a DMR sniper out of lct g 3,can you help me with parts suggestions and other things because this will be my first rifle upgraded by myself, I am not sure which parts are okay/durable on stock rifle and which ones are must have to replace do get a decent/durable DMR, thanks to all good people in advance😁
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