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  1. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on the CYMA Platinum M4? https://www.evike.com/products/10266/
  2. Thanks for the reply... Looking at the M4 platform, since you stated many polymer bodies are more rugged that many with metal receivers, what would you recommend along those lines?
  3. New member looking for recommendations for a rifle used for training simulation... My go to rifle is an AK, but I understand the airsoft variants tend to be rather cheaply made. I also have a lot of experience with M4's and AR-15's, so that platform would be a close second choice. However, if anyone has recommendations beyond those two I'm certainly open. While a completely functionally accurate rifle would be ideal, I understand this can really jack up the price and isn't totally necessary to my needs since this will be a supplementary tool and I spend significant time going over manual of arms on the real thing. What I'm really looking for is a sturdy and reliable training tool, preferably with a full metal housing and barrel, rails to mount optics and lights, and that can use standard capacity magazines (no 700 rounds without reloads), that won't break that bank. Essentially I'm looking for something around or below $350. I'd like realistic controls, but again not an absolute deal breaker with the exception of being able to fire in semi-auto. And preferably green gas. Realistic recoil isn't a concern. Can anyone offer any recommendations?
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