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  1. Well, that seems to fit with the 366fps law then as making them illegal? store guy said: "Technically electric pistols are under Canadian fps requirements for airsoft and are prohibited from importation. Gab" It's a shame, I just wanted to play target for minimum hassle.
  2. I was comparing electric vs gas in general... I don't like the idea of the gas but electric model seems impossible to find.
  3. Hi, first time on the forum, I've been looking for a bb lately and was wondering if my favorite was a good idea for a first gun? I don't plan to play active game just yet, so it's for target fun at the cabin and kinda my introduction to the whole shebang... Oh, There seems to many replica of the 18C... any good one? ;-) Also, I also wonder why CO is preferred to electric, see I don't know much, any opinion is appreciated.
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