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  1. Looking for good or better working condition gbb Glock 42 or 43. Thanks.
  2. Hello, is there fake Tokyo Marui pistol, particularly the TM 1911 Hi-Capa 5.1 gold match? If yes, how can I tell the fake from real? Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks Guges Mk3. For battery based pistol (pistol 4), which one out there that is the closest to "realism" aspect? Is "recoil" the main issue? Thank you for your time.
  4. Hello, I would appreciate your guidance on this, a ssume no cost constrain, please recommend 4 pistols based on these parameters. Pistol 1: most realistic to fire-arm (any model) in term of physical characteristics (weight, dimension, material), functions ( trigger feel, recoil, slide movement, assembly/disassembly procedure ), accuracy only need up to 30-40 feet. Any power source though must be contained within the pistol. Pistol 2: must be replica of a Glock with the rest of the requirements as in Pistol 1 in term of realism . Pistol 3: must be replica of a HK with the rest of the requirements as in Pistol 1 in term of realism. Pistol 4: Replica of any fire-arm, but power source must be electric, with the rest of the requirements as in Pistol 1 in term of realism. Usage purpose is for fire-arm training. Thanks so much for your help! Best regards.
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