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  1. Huh, I thought you could use normal AEG packings/buckings (Whatever you want to call it), in the hop-up. I guess not. So you're saying that since they started with paintball, they don't have a lot of experience with airsoft? I mean, I know they're 2 different things, it just seems they would be able to do that. If the Tippmann M4 isn't the way to go for a HPA blowback, do you know anything about the Daytona guns? I've heard good things about them and I've also heard they're pretty finicky.
  2. I've seen that the tether is pretty unrealistic. I used to think that HPA was pretty bad, but recently I saw this gun and thought it was pretty cool. I could use the Co2 version, but I hate Co2. As for the amount of parts for it, I just got tired of all the AEGs. I kind of wanted to get something different, but would work pretty well. It's kind of like the older TM SPAS-12. Not the most amazing gun on the field, but it was cool to own (But I would never in a million years buy that gun for $700). The other reason I was looking at it is because of the take down. It comes apart almost like a real AR-15, there's just a couple different parts, which I could take apart and put together in my sleep. Also, what do you mean he would out range me by 10 yards? Is it because of the length of the barrel? Because if so, I was expecting a drop off in range, since I would be doing a shorter setup. Also, thanks for replying! P.S. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!
  3. I've been wondering if there are any people here who have owned a Tippmann HPA M4. I've been thinking about picking one up. I just wanted to see what you guys thought about the gun. My other question is if any of you have converted this gun to a SMG. Kinda like this video. I'd like to do a SMG build because I'm not that tall. I'd also like to do an outdoor SMG build, if possible. I don't play many indoor games, especially now with the 'Rona'. I do have a friend who owns some land, and we play out there a lot. You can see in this video he uses an Angel Custom M4 to MP5 magazine adapter. I would most likely do that. I like the fact I can use AEG magazines, which usually hold more rounds. Have the consistency and ease of use of HPA. Yet have the realism of a GBBR. I know the recoil won't be as high at first, but I plan to modify this gun a lot. On top of that, could anyone give me an estimated price on how much a gun like the one up above, with a HPA tank and line would cost? Thanks in advance! Cheers!
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