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  1. So unfortunately I live in Upstate NY and purchasing airsoft guns from websites has proven to be a little difficult as not many will ship to me. So Im afraid Im limited to the few shops we have in my area. I haven't played yet but from everything Im reading the M4 style seems to be the way to go. I thought about a pistol because of the size and mobility but with most clips only holding about 16 rounds I would need to buy extra clips and extra CO2 carts. Since I spent all my money on my sons setup money will be an issue for me. Cant afford to drop $200+ for a gun if Im not sure I will be able to play often. The only gun I have really researched is the G&G CM16 Raider which they sell at the field near me for under $200 but I don't think it has a mosfet and Im not sure if it takes LIPO batteries. Mind you, Im not SOLD on getting the Raider but I do like the style. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. - Forgot to mention - I would be playing mostly at outdoor field and engaging from 20 - 50ft. I don't want to be a sniper. :)
  2. Just posting to say hi. Havent actually gotten into airsoft yet. My 14 yr old son just started and loves it. Bought him a G&G CM16 SRS and hes only played once but he is hooked. We rec3ently found out we have an outdoor field - River City Airsoft - right around the corner from our house. I was able to spectate and watch him play and it looks like a blast. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself before I started asking a bunch of questions to help me decide if this is something I want to get into. If I rent Im looking at about $60 a visit. If I buy my equipment its like $20 a visit. Trying to weigh my options because money is tight and I spent all I had on my sons gear, lol. I will be posting questions in the appropriate forum soon. Great site by the way,
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