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  1. Yes I am in the EU. This is the model I have " https://actionsportgames.com/en-gb/productcatalog/aw-308-sniper ". I have it for a couple of months now and would like to put some more power and accuracy but as I am relatively new to the airsoft I can't figure out what to do. I like the gun most of it is metal which I think is really good but no updates for it specifically. So if you have an idea what would fit into it I would appreciate some guidance.
  2. Hello, I have the ASG aw .308 and would like to know what updates should I look at to increase fps and accuracy.As it is extremely hard to find parts exactly for this gun I started searching for the same model of different manufacturers. Do you think they will fit ? Was looking at those 2 but not sure if they will fit " https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/sniper-rifles-parts/for-well-mb01-4-5-8-14/kompletni-upgrade-set-valce-pro-mb-01-04-05-08-detail " " https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/sniper-rifles-parts/for-well-mb06-13/hopup-komora-pro-well-mb01-04-05-06-08-13-14-gen.3-detail "
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