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  1. They were greasy. I guess I will buy new hammer mechanism. Are you sure the stronger slide spring won't help?
  2. Any advice/recommendation of wich parts I should get?
  3. I only oiled them and wiped the grease. /I certainly didn't file them/
  4. I'll paint the slide later, so it's bare (Not sure if bare is the correct word)
  5. I am from Czech Republic, so excuse my Czenglish, I meant racking I guess. Ok, I will get the heavy oil. Here are the photos, what do you think?
  6. Hi, so I recently bought a bit very broken Glock 18c from my friend with an intend to fix it. It fired whole mag when you stretched the slide (even without pulling or touching the trigger), then all the gas from mag would come out in a very weird way. I was unable to remove the slide because it was extremely jammed and the hammer was cocked. So I somehow managed to completely disassemble, lubricate and assemble the Glock. It works much better, but there are still some issues. **Here are the problems:** \- when firing on semi, glock fires a few good shots, but later it fires the whole mag on full auto and again, the gas comes out. \- when firing on semi, the slide gets sometimes stuck and gas comes out. \- when I stretch the slide wery slowly, it stops at certain position and don't comes back (even though I lubricated it like hundred times) **Here are my (propably) solutions:** For the auto firing problem: I consider buying these steel hammer parts: https://www.airsoft-online.cz/pro-we-glock/ocelove-dily-spoustoveho-mechanismu-tm-a-we-glock-17--19/, but the text says they are made for WE Glock 17, 19. Do you think these would work in my WE Glock 18c?(I am completetly okay with losing the full auto option). + I also consider buying the stronger hammer spring. For the stuck slide problem: Stronger 150% slide string maybe? For the gas problem: Stronger nozzle spring, maybe new nozzle? So what parts do you think should be replaced? What do you thing of my solutions? excuse my english pls
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