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  1. Hey, I assembled the gun back and glued the spring guide, sorry for calling that a piston, I'm now one word more literate lol. I tested the gun and it worked fine, I had no issues with c0cking the gun, although it felt a little bit heavier than before, it can be the spring, then again I might just be tripping lol. Thank you for your recommendations. I always went cheap on bb's, I never thought they were as important as the replica itself.
  2. I found a way, will keep you notified. EDIT: Apparently I had a rogue BB in the barrel ( which is odd since I performed the rod method as to try and remove it, maybe I didn't push hard enough). Also the piston broke and one part got stuck in the spring, as you can see in the picture. I will try superglueing it and let it rest, and we will see if that will fix the issue and if yes, how long will it work until it breaks again. Thanks for the effort guys.
  3. Update : After firing a few shots occasionally the gun would load up a bb but it wouldn't be able to fire. Now everytime I c0ck the gun nothing happens, it's like something is blocking it from going all the way backwards, it's preventing me from firing.
  4. Hello, This is my first post, so I'm not sure if I nailed the right board for this. Also, English is not my main language, so sorry if I use the wrong terminology or if I cannot clearly explain the issue. I bought this spring handgun "Cybergun Colt M1911A1 HPA" and although it isn't my first airsoft gun, it is definitely my first "more serious" airsoft gun. I have had it for like 3 months, and I have been actively using it for 2. One day it became increasingly more difficult to pull the slide as to load a BB in. I tried the "rod" technique by inserting a long object into the barrel and see if anything is stuck. Didn't help. I tried taking off the slide and applying some multi purpose oil on any part that's moving, but that didn't help as well. I got nothing useful in my manual that I got with the gun. I assembled it and left it as it is as I don't want to make it any worse. Any help would be appreciated, I am inexperienced in this. Edit 1: For some reason, after firing a few bb's, it started working better. Is the issue caused by dry firing?
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