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  1. I had this same problem, and none of these replies are super helpful because they’re sort of general ways to help with wobble on most guns, but don’t really apply to OP’s situation. I know this post is dead but I found it when trying to solve the same issue on my ICS MP5SD. I’ve figured out the fix, and maybe it could save someone else the hassle I went through if they stumble on this post like I did. If you unscrew the silencer can, there’s a machined piece It steps down from a smaller diameter to larger, and you can see the inner barrel peeking out of the top. The bottom, largest diameter section has the threads for the silencer can. You’ll see two holes on opposite sides, (like 3oclock and 9oclock) drilled right into the threading for the silencer. These are the key, that’s how you’re going to unscrew it. When I tried this and was scared it would break, but a friend with the same gun assured me and showed me on his. The threads were just glued shut. Dip the front of the barrel (the first inch or so) in very hot (boiled) water for 30 seconds or so to loosen the glue. Now take it out Of the hot water, put the gun stock down so you’re looking down the barrel basically (I know, wear eyepro or whatever helps you sleep at night for breaking the rule, or just clear the gun like you should before hand) I kneeled on the floor to do this, with the rear stock on the ground, and pinched the gun between my knees to hold it in place. Take two Allen wrenches, or screwdrivers, whatever you have that will fit in those two holes in the threading (use something strong, find Allen wrenches that are as big as will fit, or bolts or something) and turn them counter-clockwise (the normal lefty loosie move) to unscrew the front silencer mounting bracket. IT IS REALLY HARD TO UNSCREW. When I did this I thought I was doing something wrong and about to break it, but a friend showed me his, it takes a lot of force. If it seems like it won’t budge, give it more force, or dip the front end in the hot water another 30 seconds and try again. When it finally unscrews, you will see the actual outer barrel, and a small hex grub screw holding it in place. Use the proper Allen wrench to tighten this down (or better yet, remove it, add loctite and then screw it in so you never have this problem again). This will solve your silencer wobble problem! Screw the silencer mounting piece back on to the outer barrel, then re-attach the silencer and you should be good to go!! hope this helps!
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