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  1. Ha, yeah I read that thread lol. What's your thought on percentage of alchohol? And is denatured alchohol a different animal Altogether?
  2. Tried search got nothing, perhaps wrong wording. With fire arms I always clean them before shooting as they are nasty. Is this necassary with airsoft? Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Guges. Not exactly sure what yet, I prefer reading and researching as it's a better teacher than just given answers. I prefer hearing from people on forums over the internet, that's the reason for joining, as you mentioned theres just to much wrong out there. I like to have my bases covered, this is new and fun, I like to have a firm grasp on my hobbies, necassary upgrades, maintenance tips, etc. I don't know a thing about this yet except gun goes pow lol. Much reading to do.
  4. Sorry for the late response, was at dentist....uggg. That's good to know! Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the answer, to more precise, does that include motors as well? Will look into maple leaf Now.
  6. Just saw this site may not get alot of attention after a crash. The other forum wont let me ask questions yet. I'm looking for best shops to get upgrade parts, guns, supplies etc. Right now we are running cheaper stuff but I want to know what I am getting into when we upgrade.(I am big in researching) Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone, my sons are getting into airsoft so that means I am too. I am a tinkerer so will eventually get equipment that is upgradable/customizable but am in desperate need of learning the lingo. My son spent his own money on a spring powered H&K SCAR, which got ok reviews, you probably know more. I just ordered a lancer interceptor gen 2, seemed like a decent starter gun that he actually wanted and will get if he sticks with it. My younger sons are just using cheapos as they will get broken lol. So I have no knowledge to pass on here unfortunately, but look forward to the learning process and discussions.
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