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  1. I agree with Guges, with the addition of a longer barrel. In my experience a longer barrel has always boosted fps, and I use maple leaf on aeg, flat hop on the other. I like both, and both are really accurate. (At the end of the day it’s a plastic bb, so don’t expect hunting rifle accuracy like some of my buddies do.) Prometheus barrels are waaay overpriced in my opinion...I prefer a 6.01 Angel Custom for around $40. If you get a barrel that’s too long, you may have to get a full cylinder (if your stock one is ported) to get the most efficient use of the air in the cylinder. And vice versa, a shorter barrel can use a ported cylinder. *edit A longer barrel and maple or flathop compliment each other well, but I think you’d benefit more from upgrading the packing first.
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