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  1. Thanks a lot for doing a reverse search using google image I just didn't think about it ! In any case, here is some pictures of my sniper (I don't have any reference although I asked my friend)
  2. Hello, I recently bought this sniper replica from a friend (seems like a L96), and I wanted to buy other mags because the one that came with it is broken . Naturally, I bought a VSR-10 magazine, but it didn't fit in, it was too long and slim. So I don't know where to buy them, if there are still in production. Here are the dimensions : - Height : ~33mm or 1.29 inch - Width : ~21mm or 0.82 inch - Length : 95mm or 3.7 inch I also added photos so you guys can see the model. Also I can't play with the magazine in because it has no spring, nor it stays into place because of the lip that is broken. Can you please give me somewhat of a reference as of what to buy ? I can't think of anything right now, other than to buy another replica.
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