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  1. Alright so I have had my combat machine for around 3 years. Its the high velocity long barrel version. While I have had it for a while, I have only played about 120 full match days with it. I am using a 9.6v butterfly tattu battery. The past 2 times when I have gone out to play the gun has been misfiring like crazy. Whenever I pull the trigger, I can hear the motor fire, but nothing comes out. I can fire maybe one or two more times and then either 2 bbs come out or one which curves down and doesnt go more then 15 feet. Then I will finally get one bb that goes the normal velocity, although even though my hop up is set to the maximum upward curve, or basically off, it still curves down faster then it should. I have cleaned the barrel and have checked the hop up mechanism. I have tried using a non stock mag and still have the same issue. My friend also lubed a couple bbs and while that helped a tiny tiny bit, its still not working right. I do think there is a tiny short in the connection to the battery, as if I move the wires that go from the battery to the fuse housing too much it will loose power. Every time I pull the trigger tho it does "fire". I am willing to take things apart if needed.
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