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  1. Hey everyone, I just registered my account here today. I've basically been airsofting for about a year and I've been doing 100% backyard in the central CA valley area. I've got about 12 guys that I play with fairly regularly but I/We are looking for a larger, more organized group. The Hill 559 looks like it might be a good spot, but we've more or less been playing 15-20min games thus far. Plus the milsim vibe seems like it might be pretty serious. If that's the only game in town - fine. However, we'd like to get something a little more casual. Personally I don't care, I'd just be happy to find a group to play with but I think some of the guys would be more into a mellow environment. Anyways, I'd love to get more serious about airsoft and playing... I kind of dove into the sport and I've been making videos, modding my guns, etc... Any suggestions are super-appreciated. Juxe
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