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  1. So I'm thinking about embarking on my first dsg build and I am currently working out a list of parts that I think would go well together. The build focus is reliability and not some super crazy Rof. I am aiming for 40rps and about 360-380fps. So therfor I post here in hopes of getting some advice from all angels. I have started a list as I stated and depending on when you read this the list might have become a bit more flushed out and final, but at the time of the post I am currently in the state of getting some opinions and advice on the parts that I have already picked out. I also don't mind getting any input on alternative parts that would fit the build better. I am currently thinking about building it in a Specna arms C05, but I might switch out the body and gearbox later (the SAC05 uses an orion gearbox if I'm not wrong) The only thing I ask of the commentors is that you don't comment just to tell me that it's pointless for me to build a dsg if I cant even make a fully flushed out parts list, this is because in my mind I am here to learn and I will never be able to build one if I never try or start somewhere. This is my current version of the partslist/build: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lpnrRFgyHm3DQGq6lD-pNkf_1wuw1e5FSVR4tVrY5ys/edit?usp=sharing
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