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    18V Battery???

    I just picked this gun up a while ago from sort of a flea market you could say, and I go to look it up and its a 600 dollar gun that I just got for 50 bucks, came with 2 mags and no battery. so Then today I got bored and thought, well I have no battery for it and had an idea that I could use an 18v drill battery for it so I go get one from my drill and wire it up and low and behold it fires. Everything sounded fine when I full auto' d, but I knew 18v's is a lot so I only full auto' d it for less than a second I just basically want to know if I can run the 18v battery any longer or will it destroy the internals. I'm not running it at a field I bought it for the purpose of showing it off in my room. I have no idea if the internals are upgraded or not, I wasn't going to argue with the guy over a perfect 600 dollar airsoft M4 going for 50 dollars. the battery is an 18 Volt 1.7Ah NICd Battery pack for a drill
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