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  1. 1. Price Range We'll say upwards of $300 but the cheaper the better. But I don't really expect anything below $200. 2. Play Style newbie 3. Play Area Forest for now, but interested in everything that isn't too serious. I won't get another gun for a while so ideally something that works in CQB. 4. Style Preference Actually, I have a pretty specific question. My interest keeps changing but right now I've got my sights on the SIG 552, either the one my TM or ICS. I've watched a fair amount of reviews on both guns and I'm kind of leaning on the ICS (I think the biggest difference I saw from the reviews was that the ICS' functional bolt catch and release), but there's one issue - I'm in Japan, making all things TM much much easier, and also I don't know about the laws of importing airsoft guns; the ICS SIG might not even be allowed here. Anyone know? I suppose that would make my decision easier. Otherwise, if anyone has something else they want to recommend I check out, I'd be open. I'm not in a hurry to buy this as I have my ubercool TM M16 Spring Rifle... Seriously though I'm not in a rush. Jesus, I feel like this is dripping sarcasm but it's not my intention. I suppose anything rather unique would be cool, maybe XM8 would be an interesting consideration as well? Main point: ICS or TM SIG 552, keeping in mind I'm currently living in Japan.
  2. :lolb: Thanks guys, that helped a lot. I think I can make my decision now.
  3. The gun is either the P90/P90TR and on the website im looking at buying it from it shows an option of those 3 batteries.. j/w which is best to get. thanks
  4. So I've decided I'm going to get one of these. I personally think the P90 looks better, but I've seen the TR rated better. I don't think I'd use the silencer much. Mostly, the differences I've found are: In Tokyo Marui P90 Triple Rail (TR) version the electronic dot sight has been removed and rail mount has been added to the receiver. Knight’s SOCOM-type silencer has been added to replace the dot sight feature. TR version is slightly lighter than what normal Marui P90 is. Any thoughts/Opinions? thanks
  5. ok so back on topic, as far as I can tell there are two or three holes in the aeg for batteries but only one will be used? and if it costs more does it last longer? etc.. remember, im a newbie, and lots of description helps
  6. so im thinking about buying an aeg, but theres one thing I don't understand that I think I should; 8.4v 600mah Sanyo Battery (Mini) 8.4v 600mah Sanyo Battery (Rod) 8.4v 2000mah Sanyo Battery (Large) what is the difference that the batteries make...
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