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Found 14 results

  1. Recently my airsoft AK (Matrix AK47 Tactical Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ RIS Handguard & Lipo Ready Metal Gearbox by CYMA) has not been shooting properly. It is fairly new but has problems shooting: when I fire the gun, half the time the bbs will come out at an extremely low fps or not come out at all, and sometimes they will fire as they should. In full auto, my gun will not shoot bbs for about half the time but will not make the sound of a dry fire, and when the bbs do come out again, it is usually a large cluster of 4-6. If anyone has any answers or solutions for my problem that'd be great. Also, in online reviews of the gun there was nothing concerning my problem, but I have not mishandled it at all. Thanks!
  2. I've just bought my first airsoft gun and it is an AK-47 AEG, and I have two questions about it. 1. How long do I charge the battery for? I have an 8.4v stick battery (Ni-MH 2/3AP 1150mAh). 2. Is it normal for exactly 4 BBs to fall out every single time I take out the magazine? Thank
  3. 1. PayPal only! 2. Shipping via UPS 3. No parting out! 4. Only trades I am looking for is a G36 package of equal value, I ship first only if you have better feedback. Up for sale is a Classic army CA026M package. Upgrades: Inline wired MOSFET 21:1 ratio gears Stainless steel bore up cylinder 6.03 inner barrel M120 spring Low resistance wiring Wired to deans Shoots around 400fps Comes with a DBOY grenade launcher 6 Hi-cap mags Flash hider conversion allowing to use m4 flash hiders. Asking $380.00 plus shipping OBO
  4. Hi guys, Have an AK here, with an issue that I'd like some advice on. People may have come across this before. The issue is, on fully auto, the AK misses multiple shots, as well as firing multiple BBs on some shots, or basically rolling BBs out of the barrel. I stripped the gun down and (as I had no clue on the brand) discovered it has (99.9% sure) a CYMA V2 gearbox in. I disassembled this, as there may just be an obvious issue. I have tried a different mag, from a friend, which works perfectly in his AK. This was my first port of call. I then disassembled the gearbox and checked as mentioned. Nothing obvious, so I then extended the sector gear delay, with an extra peg, in case the air nozzle wasn't holding back for long enough. This hasn't fixed the issue at all. I manufactured the peg myself so haven't wasted money so far, and rather than waste money, I'd much rather ask someone who's experienced in AEG repair. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tom
  5. Hey guys so I was looking around for a new motor for my g36 as the old one (4 years old about) just died on me as I put my build together :( after weeks of waiting :/ but anyways. I looked on airsoft atlanta for a good motor and came across a motor from the oem of shs. it's called rocket high torque motor. I was wondering if these are nice motors? for $30 by shs, it seems like a steal
  6. hey guys I have a Vz58 by ARES for sale. I'm selling it for $175 atm. may consider trades. I just really need the money right now. never been fired besides tesing twice. feeds perfectly. no mag wobble, best response ive seen in a while. great ROF. about 18-22 on 9.6v. http://s1318.photobucket.com/user/Beny_Toncz/media/IMG_1158_zpsjsfclewd.jpg.html
  7. Thanks for looking, let the AKstravaganza begin!!! WTS NO TRADES PAYPAL or CASH Shipped from 90004 *FPS are rounded to the nearest multiple of 5* JG AK-74 RIS - $150 shipped LIKE NEW! 385 FPS, Shoots great, Steel receiver, No mag. Javelin AK-47U EBB - $140 shipped LIKE NEW! 350 FPS, Built in MOSFET unit, Shoots good but could use a better bucking, Real wood furniture, Weathered metal body, Stock wont stay extended due to broken locking latch, No mag. Echo1 RedStar OMG (RPK) - $180 shipped Practically new! 395 FPS, Shoots great, Wobbly stock due to a cracked hinge (can be JB welded), Drum mag and bakelite mag included DBOYS RK-06 (latest version) - $115 shipped LIKE NEW! Steel receiver, Real wood furniture, 375 FPS, Shoots great, No mag. DBOYS RK-10 (latest version) - $105 shipped LIKE NEW! Steel receiver, Real wood furniture, 375 FPS, Shoots great, No sight post/flash hider, No mag. DBOYS RK-02 (SLR-105) - $75 shipped Good condition. 390 FPS, Has feed issue otherwise gearbox cycles great, Stock will not stay folded due to broken latch, New tappet plate installed. 2 mags included. King Arms Galil SAR - $75 shipped Works good! 260 FPS, Shoots ok, Feed issues, Hop up needs work, Loose gas tube, Mag included UTG Warhawk (SLR-105) - $50 shipped Works good! 330 FPS, Shoots good, Mag included
  8. I have 15 airsoft guns that are all in great condition except for two: a CYMA M14 EBR and a G&G M4 that is in the makings of a DMR. I'd love to trade or sell only in the North Carolina area. Please reply or text me at 704 nine six zero 86 seven four. Thank you.
  9. NEW ARRIVALS: CYMA PP-19, Lancer Tactical M4 SD & More For the latest airsoft guns and gear, view all NEW ARRIVALS at Airsoft Megastore. CYMA PP-19 Bizon Airsoft AEG Rifle CM058 SMG w/ Folding CQB Stock VIEW MORE DETAILS CYMA Airsoft AK-47 AEG Rifle w/ Tactical RIS Handguard VIEW MORE DETAILS Lancer Tactical M4 SD AEG RIS Airsoft Rifle w/ Mock Suppressor VIEW MORE DETAILS **View more CYMA airsoft guns at AirsoftMegastore.com** **View All New Arrivals** You Might Also Like - APS Action Combat Pistol (ACP) 23rd CO2 Blowback Magazine - CYMA AM012 M4 RAS II CQBR Full Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG Rifle - BLACK - Flyye Industries 1000D HPC Tactical Armor MOLLE Plate Carrier - CYMA AM005 Full Metal RAS II CQBR Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle Connect With Us We love reading your comments and feedback! Subscribe to our blog, Airsoft Megastore TV, and connect with us on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for all the latest updates. You can comment on our videos or post to our profile to let us know your thoughts and suggestions. YouTube: Airsoft Megastore YouTube Channel Blog: Bring Airsoft To The Masses » Airsoft Megastore TV Facebook: Airsoft Megastore | Facebook Twitter: Airsoft Megastore (airsoftms) on Twitter
  10. First of all sorry for my bad english im chilean . 1 I have in mind a 300 hundred dollar budget, for a gun but if the weapon wort it I can save some money . 2 im very interested on 3 guns all tm : aug high cycle , ak47 regular (not hc custom stock is ugly I want a pure ak) (no beta spetz cuz WHY! is weird) and the G36 custom/recoil shock . but the one I liked most is the AUG : bullpup, high cycle 3 im anyone have one of the guns or the three can you tell me if it is good the pros and cons all dat good stuff 4 can you recommend a gun ? do it! 5 WGC is legit I mean is safe? dat is all guys thanks for reading !
  11. Got a bit of a piece here, a GHK AKM GBBR, it has 7 mags, shoots great, and supposedly has a real Romanian wood handguard. Really wanting the following, TRADES: VFC MK17 FDE VFC 416 AEG/GBBR (must be fully decked) WE/GHK M4 GBBR WE MSK WE M14 EBR Crye MultiCam AVS/CPC in medium/small If it's not on the lost it's unlikely I want it
  12. I saw another thread concerning this same issue, but it never really seemed to get resolved. Are there any handguards that would fit an AK Beta Spetsnaz style gun, or more specifically the Marui version? I feel like a AKS74u style handguard would work, but I'm not sure (am willing to try). Anyone know if it would or not, or could suggest something else? I bought this TM AK Beta from a friend for $80, and I'd like it to become my first project gun. Really want to make it look amazing. Aside from the handguard, another external upgrade I was hoping would be possible is to get a buffer tube style stock. Currently the gun has the battery wired to the stock, and I'd prefer to keep it that way, but I haven't been able to find a hollow/not sealed off buffer tube for AK's. And lastly, the gun has a annoying sounding whining noise (reminds me of the cheap combat machine rentals at the place I usually play at) when it shoots, any way I could maybe get rid of that and get something a bit more nicer and intimidating sounding (not a sound amplifier please, getting a PBS-4 suppressor for the gun). Also, when shooting semi auto, if I try and shoot too fast, the gun stops shooting completely. Got to try switching it to full auto, shooting once, then back to semi. If I don't switch to full auto and shoot, it simply wont shoot in semi at all. I am relatively new to airsoft (played a bit over the past few years, much more within the past couple months though), and have no experience with modifying guns at all, so if most of this didn't make sense, you can tell why. xD (Oh, also, best $30ish pressure switch flashlight I can get would be?). Anything else you guys suggest I do to the gun? I am hoping this gun will turn into a great CQB gun (350 fps limit)/ outdoor skirmish gun.
  13. Looking to buy this piece that goes to my AK's selector switch assembly. Looks like the cast flanges on mine are worn and allow the selector switch to flop around.
  14. I am wondering in airsoft if the only difference is the butt stock? Also, does anyone know what the best one is, for about 250 or so.
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