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  1. Hey guys, So my friend has a G&G RK103 (A AK47 basically) with a Pneumatic BlowBack system. I did research and found this video. https://youtu.be/yyeGfob0ZUI thats how it looks and works. I think it would work but I wouldn't want him spending 300 and getting excited only to find out it won't.
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to build a god tier AK. Unfortunately I suck at tech work, don't have many tools at my disposal and anything I ever try indepth on airsoft gearboxes is always an expensive disaster. Anyways I want to build the ultimate AK for field play and hopefully future ops. Here is my current build list, all from Airsoft GI: E&L AK-105 (my ideal AK, have owned 74Ms and a 74u, want something in between, already have multiple AK scope mounts, mags ect) $320 Madbull Ver. 2 Precision AEG Inner Barrel for M4 (363mm) $30 Airsoft GI Field Durability Upgrade Package $160 R-Hop Installation Service $60 Lonex A1 Infinite Torque-Up & High Speed Motor (Short) $55 Please critique, recommend and suggest edits to this setup!
  3. I recently got a JG EBB 1020 (box name is as74u) It shoots completely fine but when I select it on full auto and hold the trigger it only shoots as if it was in semi automatic mode and when I put it in semi automatic mode it performs how its supposed to. It wont shoot fully automatic in the selected fully automatic mode. When I flick the selector switch around I can put it into safety and switch it directly into fully automatic mode and hold the trigger and it will (sometimes) shoot fully automatic like its supposed to but when I let off the trigger and try and hold it down again it will only shoot one and it will continue to only shoot one. Its not the batteries ive used 2 different stick type batteries that are compatible with the gun (only stick type batteries are compatible with the gun anyway) Any thoughts? It doesnt look like an electrical problem but I don't know exactly but then again mechanically everything sounds and performs fine except the fully automatic mode. Even when it does shoot fully automatic it sounds and shoots perfectly. Im not a nube to airsoft but im kind of a nube to the technician side of airsoft. I need help please, thank you
  4. The game was to retrieve three blocks of wood from the opposing teams side of the field. We were heavily pushed back in the beginning of this round and even lost one block already. So it was time to retaliate with a killing streak to take the block (literaly and figuratively):
  5. Ok, so I recently noticed a drop in performance in my cheap Cybergun 60th anniversary AK-47. The accuracy seems to be off, the bbs "hop" to the right, and my range is about 115 feet. So what I need is for you guys to tell me if this is a good plan. Purchase a ZCI 6.02 barrel - I understand this is not the best, but compared to my beat up 6.08 stock barrel, I'm sure this will be better, and if I somehow mess it up I won't lose a fortune. G-hop my gun - I plan on using a very grippy bucking (prommy purple was recommended, any cheaper options for contact patches?) and then a tight outer bucking (g&g green) Should I replace the standard plastic hopup chamber? My worries are that it may be pushing the nub up at an angle, so do you think a matrix aluminum would be a good option? Install a new air nozzle (Lonex purple AK type) Install a new cylinder, cylinder head (SHS X-MOD & SRC) and a new piston and piston head. Reinstall my m120 spring (I currently have a m100 in it) - Or should I purchase a better quality m130 spring considering mine is a stock spring and may be weaker than m120 grade? Then I plan on purchasing a magnified sight and tuning it. - Any recommendations for something with low magnification. I prefer crosshairs over a dot because sunlight distorts a lot of dot sights. I also am thinking from 4-8x zoom. I prefer to keep the price under $40 if possible, I don't need anything too fancy or great. Purchase some Goldenball ProSlick .25 and some .28 and tune my hopup accordingly. Now, I understand that is a lot of money to spend, and I'm sure I could spend it "better". Do you guys think any of those parts are excessive, unnecessary, or overhyped? I am open to suggestions. I also plan to get these piece by piece over the next 6 months since I don't need range for winter CQB. Also, please keep in mind my internals are sturdy but not well made. Nothing is broken, but a lot of stuff doesn't work the best. Anything except for maybe replacement golden eagle parts, is an improvement to my current situation. Ok, thank you, I would appreciate if you all keep the arguing to a minimum, but hey its a forum. And just so you know, I am aware that "ball bearing guides are overhyped", or "marpat and digital woodland are not the same thing". I get that all the time, and I understand that you veterans of the forum are trying to teach me stuff, but I do get it that my choice in parts isn't the best, and that my budget isn't right. So please point out the things I'm doing wrong kindly, rather than "yelling" at me for not buying a Prommy barrel and R-hopping my gun. On one last note, I plan to try out the G-hop on my old barrel first with the nice buckings just to practice. A g&g green is affordable enough, my barrel is a POS anyways, and the prommy (or similar) bucking should have enough material for 3 or so contact patches. Well thanks, fire away with all you got for me ;D
  6. Hey everyone, just a few rules before we start. - Sales are final - No trades - PayPal only (no gifting) - I try to be accurate but I cant detail everything. If you have specific questions just PM me Starting with a polymer Lancer Tactical AK, already have 3 HPA guns so it seemed a bit silly to keep a 4th. Comes with... - Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor (original flash hider included) - Madbull 6.03 barrel (Installed) - Gen. 2 Ver. 3 FE - Gold Nozzle (Installed) - Spare Poppet - Extra FCU - Valken 7.4v 250mah LiPo (fitted for deans) - Replica EoTech - Ninja Tank 4500psi (Outside sheath cracked, nothing wrong with it otherwise. I believe Ninja does free repairs?) - Redline Firebase regulator - 4 Lonex hi-caps - 3 regular hi-caps - 1 mid-cap It works and is ready to be fielded. Externally it is somewhat beat up (what good AK isn't?) and I managed to lose a pin or two which I replaced with nuts and bolts. As it is a polymer body there is some slight wobble (still pretty solid though). 4 of the mags lost their baseplates (covered with e-tape) and one of the mags lost the 'door' to close up the mag. Thinking $650 shipped. http://I.imgur.com/pf3Ont5.jpg http://I.imgur.com/qHmgWuG.jpg http://I.imgur.com/18dc9Oy.jpg Second up is a Gen. 1 Ver. 2 FE. This one is part of the first batch of P*s and it's still going strong. For anyone who wants to drop it into a M4 it's perfect. Anyhow, it comes with... - 9V converter - Some 9V batteries - Blue nozzle (installed) - Green nozzle (extra) - Ninja regulat $350 shipped http://I.imgur.com/mqoCbgf.jpg Lastly, my M203 setup is on the chopping block. I didn't use it as much as I thought I would so better off handing it off to someone who would use it rather than be an expensive weight. It's a G&P Skullfrog short type M203 and it comes with... - Tactical Tailor pouch in CB - 4 working 203 rounds, mix of CA/Madbull/POM (The ones on the pouch were last I used them) - 2 1/2 non working/salvageable? POM 203 rounds - Cheap bbs for 203 use $115 shipped http://I.imgur.com/Sf9LogZ.jp
  7. eBay item number: 29151901165 Asking $350 shipped Comes with a 600rnd Hi-cap Lonex flash mag and the original packaging. Quick specs and features: 330 average FPS w/ 0.25g BBs Accurate range 250+ft Accurate to within 2ft radius at 200ft (weather permitting) LCT's version 3 full metal gearbox Inner barrel 455mm long & 6.05mm in diameter Body is full steel construction The wire stock is steel just like the body Furnished with real wood Romanian dong grip, plastic upper hand guard, and plastic motor grip, both painted black Wired to Deans (connector above the gearbox under the cover over the receiver, for stick type batteries only) Detachable/flip-up glow in the dark sights The Romanian dong handguard is brand new; I purchased it shortly after acquiring the airsoft AK as I thought the previous owner’s customization had made it look un-authentic. He had replaced the Romanian dong handguard for a flat one which had changed its appearance from that of a Romanian AIMS-74 to that of an East German MPI-KMS-72. In retrospect the East German MPI was way more unique but I didn't realize what it was until later. If you have any questions, comments, or offers feel free to message me!
  8. Hey everyone, I have a Classic Army RPK-7 and I have been desperately trying to find a drum mag for it. Can't find the regular Classic Army drum mag, it's too expensive for me anyway. I've tried a cyma sound activated one and the cyber gun drum mag and neither worked. Is there one I can get that will work? Any help would be a appreciated. Thanks for the help.
  9. The AK is a cyma 42b, direct copy of the Marui AK. The gearbox is a ver. 3 gearbox, but it comes from an mp5. I thought that this was the initial problem, but it doesn't seem to be. The gearbox fits perfectly, the internals are all AK internals. The air seal nozzle is an aluminum one made by hornbill, from rsov.com. I used it extensively, I have it in another AK as well and it has always worked fine, it never had any bbs jam. The hop up chamber is the one the gun came with, the inner barrel is a guarder 6.02 one and the hop up rubber and spacer are standard guarder soft silicone ones. My problem is that the gun shoots perfectly fine until one bb jams in the hop up rubber and doesn't want to budge. I thought it was the hop up rubber, but it never gave me any problems until now. The spring is > 120 m/s and this rubber worked perfectly fine with a spring under 110 m/s, so it's not that the spring is too soft. The bbs are JBU 0.25g. Until now I thought that: -The air seal nozzle wasn't doing its job (still possible) -The gearbox was not aligned with the hop up chamber, but it seems to be -The hop up rubber was too hard, but I used 2 other soft rubbers and got the same result -The bbs are crap and the inner barrel is too tight Finally, I have no idea why it shoots perfectly fine until a bb clogs the barrel. When I look where the jam is, I can still see the bb in the hop up rubber lips. What could be the problem?
  10. just want a decent primary looking for different stuff doesn't even have to be a gun can be gear anything airsoft really just tell me what you ha e and hopefully we can work something out:)
  11. Up for sale is a G&P Evike RPK being sold as an external kit since it does not function properly Details: Evike Custom G&P RPK MAG Steel Drum RPK Hi Cap refinished wood kit (5 layers of gloss clear coat!) Need-to-Know: missing rear sight spring (rear sight is from a real steel counterpart) one of the wires in the drum mag needs to be resoldered gearbox cycles fine, has mixed and matched parts has range issues (floater bbs) Pricing: 230 shipped 150 Picked Up locally (SoCal) will consider Offers feel free to PM me with any additional questions /picture requests.
  12. Hey dudes, This is my first post; really got interested in airsoft from a buddy of mine. As of now I am wondering what type of gun I should get, I want a high quality, full metal M4 or AK. Preferably in between 300 to 400 dollars. Thank you for your help! P.S. Any things that I should look for in a gun? (ie. brand, motor etc)
  13. Sup guys! Another AK question for y'all: I have an 11.1v Lipo I want to use on an AK I'm gonna get (Dboys RK-05). It's got a folding stock, and the battery goes in the top of the receiver. What are some viable options for rewiring an AK so a mosfet will fit? -Put it in the folding stock?(hazard to the wiring?) -Forgrip(can it be wiring to the front for a PEQ Box?) I plan on changing the forgrips to a Rail system. -Leave it alone(is there enough space for a Mosfet already?) Lipo is 6.5in long, but I would prefer to get a peq box version. Mosfet: http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/electrical-parts-c-1_27/apex-python-mosfet-pcb-protected-low-resistance-fet-p-571.html
  14. Hello everyone, So I just finished an ak build and rewired and put a mosfet. It shoots 100% fine without the pistol grip on but when I put the pistol grip on it will shoot once and not again (like my mosfet is protecting against a short). I have tried dremeling grooves for the wire to run in and putting electric tape everywhere exposed wire could be touching anything metal. I'm about at my wits end with this, open to any ideas/suggestions! Oh yeah, I'm using ETFE 16 gauge wire that has extremely tough insulation. Attaching some photos although I doubt they will help much. Another potentially useful note is that it starts when the pistol grip is about 3/4 of the way on, I've tried running the wire several different ways from the pictures and still no luck.
  15. Hello everyone, I just rebuilt a JG ak w/ a mosfet and rewired to 16 gauge. Whenever I go to put the pistol grip on it grabs the wires and the gun stops shooting. I have tried dremeling channels for the thicker wire and filing out the inside of pistol grip where the wires run. I can get it on further before it stops shooting but still not all the way. And I have the motor epoxied in its cage so I really don't see how its moving, maybe something is shorting out. But my question is do any after-market pistol grips for ak have extra room for wire? If not hopefully someone has some suggestions for me, although I feel like I've tried about everything...
  16. Just a quick little video I (well, my girlfriend technically) shot, not sure if mags jamming in the magwell upon reload is an issue for a lot of people, but it sure was an issue for me. Here's a quick fix I came up with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5yQg53kmZk Schematic: http://imgur.com/w4DCquv There are spacers out there for LCT AKs that fix this exact issue, but because the CYMA already has "half" of a spacer there, you will have to remove your standard spacer to then use an LCT spacer, as well as having to pay money for it in the first place. This circumvents that, plus you can make it yourself out of anything you want and it's free, provided your "hands don't grow out your butthole" (as we Russians say).
  17. Looking to buy this piece that goes to my AK's selector switch assembly. Looks like the cast flanges on mine are worn and allow the selector switch to flop around.
  18. OK, I started an account on this forum to ask you guys a question. Basically I am looking for an AEG. And here is why I am asking you guys. Back in christmas 2012, I recieved my first AEG, a JG MP5-A5. It was totally un-usable as the charger that came with it had no electrical output. we contacted airsoftgi and they sent us a new charger.That charger did not fit the battery though so we had to call them again and ask for a new battery. They sent us a new battery but it didnt fit the charger. So we called again and they sent us a wire that converted the new charger to the new battery. Finally, the battery charged but when I put it in the gun (1 month after I had recieved) it turned out that the gun shot a couple of times, misfed then the gearbox just exploded, cracked and died. So there goes my first airsoft aeg, a crappy chiniese aeg that took weeks to actaully get to WORK AT ALL and in the end didnt even work. Anyways, fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I decided to try spring sniper rifles because I knew at least thos would work right? so I ordered an A&K dragunov and when it arrived it was awesome, but I didnt really like playing as a sniper, I was sick of the aeg toting commando gunning me down in the field. So I returned it and now here I am. I have been researching for months and it seems like every time I find a great looking full metal gun, somebody on a forum says that it is crap. So basically what I a trying to say is that I am looking for a reliable ak,m4 or m16 aeg. Noting exotic or hard to find because im sick of my airsoft guns breaking. My price range is around $170 and im looking for full metal and real wood, though I do know that some plastic m4s are pretty good. Also I really like fixed stocks, no folding please. Thanks a bunch, and I will be back to check on the results!
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