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  1. I have a krytac spr mk 2 and I wanna put in a m120 or m125 spring. What is needed to make sure the gun wont break itself after the upgrade ? the bushings are metal atleast they look like it. So maybe a high torque motor and gears too ? idk it would be my first attempt at upgrading.
  2. I just bought a used KSC G18C and for some reason I can never get off a full mag before the slide doesn't come all the way up and sprays all the remaining gas. Especially when I put it in full auto it does this after about 2-3 shots. I hear a small leak at the top of the mag but it does this even when I shooting immediately after filing it. Side note: This isnt caused by the temp of the mag or low gas can because I keep everything indoors and the gas is brand new.
  3. I just bought a used KSC G18C and for some reason I can never get off a full mag before the slide doesn't come all the way up and sprays all the remaining gas. Especially when I put it in full auto it does this after about 2-3 shots. I hear a small leak at the top of the mag but it does this even when I shooting immediately after filing it. Side note: This isnt caused by the temp of the mag or low gas can because I keep everything indoors and the gas is brand new.
  4. Hello, I am completely new to the airsoft world, and very much would like to become a part of it. I am currently a college freshman trying to get my associates in science. I have a background in photography, hence the tag, and would like to do 'wartime' photography on the side while I play. To be entirely honest I never have even touched an airsoft gun. I played paintball and gone to a few shooting ranges but never airsoft. And after watching youtube videos on the internet for a while and I like how airsoft is so much more immersive than paintball, with milsim events and the general feel from airsoft. My favorite places to play would be abandoned factories and houses. (which I would like to meet up with other people and compete/takepics at such places) I did that whole personality test thing, and it said I am a Choleric/Sanguine. (My exact score was 8,8,5,3) I would like to get some gear and my very first airsoft gun. I have been looking through the internet and have come to some decisions about a good starter gun and gear. I want to main a pistol so that I can switch between my camera and my gun with ease while I play. I live in Dallas, so the airsoft stores that are available are few. The questions I have are should I buy online and if so, what website? Or should I go to one of these stores in person and view the guns they have in person? As for gear I probably will get that from the store.
  5. So I Ended up painting my We Hi capa dragon B, and After putting the parts back together, the hammer gets stuck in the half-cocked stage, probably because the slide looks like it's not going all the way back. I tried cleaning the paint off the paint on the slide to reduce friction, putting silicone on everything, as well as cleaning a bit of paint off the hammer and whatnot, but it didn't help much Checked the leaf spring, and that was all aligned, but the only thing that wasn't moving was the valve release thing, (the silver piece that juts out in the left side of the back of the frame) Any ideas?
  6. I'm about to buy a tracer unit for my A&k SR25k that I have been shooting .30g BBs out of but I haven't been able to find any good tracers for that weight. Does anybody have any recommendations? Tracer Unit: http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/Airsoft-Streak-hopup-tracer-unit-kit-/182200041477?hash=item2a6bf80005:g:ktIAAOSwv-NWZjSJ
  7. I am torn between which gun to purchase, I like the flashiness of the 118 but also the reliability(?) of the SRXL. Overall my main focus is on performance and usability. Also ive heard mixed reviews on both guns, such as APS' sometimes not-so-good history and the SRXL's bad motor and scratched paint/looseness. Also I was considering the SRXL with a free madbull barrel (up to $46 special along with the gun on evike.com). Overall what gun should I get? I play an assault like role, very rough and I also like to have some flare, but mostly I value reliability and accuracy over all. My budget is $200-$280 which should I get? or what other guns should I consider? Also I prefer M4s
  8. I've been trying to get the gear box out of a jg ak74u (1011 model) but a small pin on the screw that holds the selector switch has me stalled, has anyone encountered this before? And if so, what do I do to remove it?
  9. Hi, so I have 4 working aegs that I was messing around with, and recently I bought a couple new 11.1v 30c lipos to make my guns preform a bit better. I actually don't know what I did to these guns, but one of them was a raptor-katana with a silver cylinder. When I was using this gun I plugged in the lipo (this gun has no fuse) and when I started to go full auto I heard a weird sound and immediately opened up my gun to find my piston has been completely shredded. How did this happen? Then I had a small echo 1 m4 that was pretty cheap I believe, and when I was shooting it with the same lipo (this time I had a wizard king mosfet connected) it made a weird beeping noise and then my trigger became sticky and it wont shoot what does this mean? Finally, I have a gun that I built customly myself, and it has a 30A fuse and I was using a wizard king mosfet again, but the gun just straight up stopped shooting no response at all from the gun. The fuse didn't blow because I tried the gun without it and it was fine. How can I fix this? Also my other gun has a problem with the cords that connect the battery to the gearbox. What does it mean when a motor gets hot?
  10. hi, I recently built a airsoft gun that has a 12:1 gear ratio, a lonex a-2 high torque motor and a upgraded gearbox. My gun requires A LOT of power. For example, the gearbox will not cycle unless I have a 11.1v lipo or greater hooked up. Recently my fuse blew out (going too hard on full auto) I had a 15A fuse and now I need to buy a new one. Since my gun has so much current running through it do you think I should buy a big fuse such as a 35A or 30A? Thanks, Chris
  11. VFC mk17 help. So I was wondering if its possible to just easily swap out vfc's gearbox with g&p one or any better gearbox. If this is not possible I guess I will consider the more complicated path and take apart vfc's gearbox and replace its bad parts with good ones. So if I have to upgrade the internal parts which ones should I replace. by the way I wanted to turn this mk17 into a dmr so I need the parts that need to be replaced so they can handle fps around 400-440. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey guys. I have been playing airsoft for about 7 months now but Im still pretty new. 4 Months back I bought a KJW KP-07 and since first week the gun had many lubrication problems, every month I gotta oil it and clean it all or it will jam or burst 3 bb's in one shot, but that's not the problem right now since that can be fixed with proper maintenance(kind of). Now Im struggling with a jam on the Hammer, everytime I press the trigger I have to pull the hammer again in order to get another shot ( kinda like a revolver ). I seriously don't know what to do and though about asking for help online before talking with the guy who sold me this replica. I would appreciate any kind of help. *** I will add a video link of what's happening, I hope it helps*** video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSpBYNPyb-I&feature=youtu.be ******the paint is due to the law in my country please ignore, I know its ridiculous********
  13. Hi Guys So I was wondering if you could help me out... I recently started working at a small tech firm and found one of the legacy projects was an electronic airsoft target. It is relatively basic on it's own, just consisting of a pad and three LED's. The LED's can be used to tell you if you hit, or count the number of hits you have made. It started to get interesting when I was told the targets could potentially be interfaced, created a sort of electronic target range, that could be configured to keep a score/record hits. Having looked around online I can't really see anything else like it and wanted to know what peoples opinions were. I am told the target was developed a few years ago but didn't really amount to anything. It even had it's own webpage set up, albeit a relatively bare bones one. I'll link it here in case anyone wants to look: http://snapshotairsoft.co.uk Anyway I don't really know what to make of it and was hoping people could share their opinions, is this the kind of thing any of you guys would like to use? or maybe the kind of thing sites would like to have? Any feedback is welcome, Thank-you!
  14. Hey! I just bought a G&G cm16 predator with mosfet. I was using it for a while and then it sounded like it got stuck in the gearbox. Clicking sounds were being emitted from my gearbox as I pull the trigger. Later on, my gun just stopped working entirely. I brought my gun to my local shop and concluded that my 25 amp blade type fuse was blown. I go to a auto store and get new fuses. When I come home, I put another 25 amp fuse into my gun. I plug in my 11.1 lipo and boom, the fuse was blown immediately. I don't know what's going on. Today I went back to the store and of course, they had to be closed because of an event. I am afraid to do anything else to my gun without screwing up completely until I get answers. Should I try higher fuse ampage? Is there something wrong with my wiring? Gearbox, motor? I have no clue. And my gun has been broken for about a month now.
  15. Hi, I want 2 get good rifle for mid range sniping.... What I would like 2 have is: Great accuracy Price under 250 Full Metal (mostly metal for long durability) Single + semi auto or auto I will be halpy if u write what rifle 2 buy and why... 4 now I am looking at but its doesnt mean I take 1 of this: a&k svd ssr full metal G&G m14 aeg rifle Snr25 sniper rifle Asp OTs-03 svu P.s. how big fps is good for midrange sniping? I want it 2 be accurate but not overstrong... Keep in touch ;)
  16. Hi, it's my first post after introduction and I was a little bit concerned that it wouldn't be the best first one, but I really need some opinions on my shortlist. First of all, I like M4, so most of them are this type o gun. I'm starting with airsoft and I want a flexible one, that I'll be able to keep for a long time and make upgrades. I don't have experience, but I'm open to learn how to make these upgrades in the future by myself. King Arms M4A1 CAA Custom CQB - R$1.596,00 (500 US$) APS M4 CQB R-Style ASR 103 - R$1.792,00 (560 US$) APS M4 RIS Style ASR 104 - R$1.439,00 (450 US$) ARES Amoeba M4 AM-008 - R$2.550,00 (796 US$) G&G CM16 Raider-L - R$1.706,00 (533 US$) Cybergun M4A1 CQB Colt - R$1.794,00 (560 US$) That's what I found and it's around my budget. The Ares one is the most expensive and needs to be really superior above the others. I've been told that the APS is the best one, specially about the gearbox, but I've found good things about the King Arms about being flexible and not heavy for CQB. I did shoot with de APS but the ASR 102 and I liked it. The prices are in brazilian currency, but I guess that it can give something about their value. But each 1US$ is about 3.2R$. Yeah, that sucks.
  17. Recently I acquired a VSR-10 from Tokyo Marui and went about my business upgrading it, but I cant get the trigger box to close properly. I am trying to use some PDI reinforced sears and they make it so the trigger will get stuck in the back position just to get the trigger box to close and on top of this, whatever sticks out of the top that I have to slide my cylinder over does not depress so I cant put the cylinder on. I have spent the last five hours trying to get the trigger box to work properly and looking all over the internet, but I just cant find anything. I just recently gave up and put the original parts back in the gun and wanted to know if anyone knows about this. Thanks everyone!
  18. I Currently have a full set of M81 (Old School Woodland) including a real ballistic helmet, jacket shirt, and pants. I want to keep the pants and helmet but haven't been able to find a good cheap combat shirt that would match. Kinda want to keep the M81 look but willing to try an Od green or black shirt. I run a simple black chest rig but don't really want to lose that. Any tips would be appreciated but I have a budget of $25 for the shirt.
  19. Hello! I recently purchased a Matrix AW-338 MB08B Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle from Evike and I have heard reports of the gun being super inaccurate out of the box and having some problems with hopup. Since I am pretty new to airsoft I would really love some help deciding what if anything I need to upgrade on the gun to get it to shoot accurately. I was told that Evike sells most of the important upgrades for this gun but I don't really know what to get. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kellen
  20. I ordered an APS Boar Tactical Advanced Edition EBB AEG a few months ago. It has been used twice in proper games and that is it. It has been kept and maintained well. Recently the charging handle has become disconnected (it seems) from the plate that blows back every time you shoot. The plate now no longer blows back as if it is not connected to a spring anymore and is loose and the charging handle inst connected to anything (it seems). THIS IS ONLY THE START. Also something has serious issues within the gun. It wont shoot consistently. The motor makes a sound like it is trying to shoot but then it doesn't, and every now and again it might shoot like twice but then it goes back to that noise that sounds like its stuck. Im not too familiar with fixing thee guns so I would greatly appreciate any help or trouble shooting I could get. I bought the gun off Evike.com and I have contacted APS who never got back to me and evike was not much help so I thought I would come to you guys!
  21. hello everybody! New to the forums. I recently got a matrix l96 tm clone. it clocks in at about 340 fps with .25 bbs. I was wondering what parts I can get to raise that. I see kits on evike but I don't really trust them. im looking for about 500 fps give or take. if I got a 170 spring would my internals be able to handle it? would I need a better piston and spring guide? I want my sniper to be very accurate and have a lot of range. im new to all of this. any help will be much appreciated!
  22. My trusty ASG AUG A3 has started to play up recently. It first started with some feeding issues, but quickly escalated to what I assume is electrical issues to do with the internals of the gearbox. It stoped working COMPLETELY on the field one day, but the problem quickly seemed to resolve itself and it was working fine within a few days. However I started to suspect something to be wrong internally, maybe some faulty wiring or something? The next time I took it with me for a days airsofting it barely lasted an hour in the field before it cut out again. This time the fuse blew. A quick bypass showed that the rifle itself still worked (apart from feeding issues). Then only 2 weeks ago, It stopped completely, even on a full charge from the battery, and the fuse bypassed, the motor doesn't even consider turning. The fact that the fuse blew tells me that there must be something wrong with the wiring or the gearbox, although I'm no tech expert, that is why I'm here. If anyone has got any ideas about what could be wrong with my AUG A3. And incase you are wondering, no, I haven't taken it to the shop yet. I live quite a while from it and I don't have the time to drive all the way there and back. While I'm here I'd also like to ask about some feeding issues I've been having with it. I predict that it is just the high cap magazines that I use (for the moment) not feeding correctly, or the feeding nozzle inside the mag well. I'm just curious because they both seemed to go bye bye at the same time. Semi-auto doesn't feed AT ALL and full-auto only feeds sometimes. But this problem can be sorted after the main electrical problem. Thanks for your time and consideration of this post. Help is greatly appreciated. -Josh
  23. Hello! I own a generation 3 Elite Force 4CRS. I have had the gun for about 4 months, and it preforms very well. I have upgraded the hopup bucking to a maple leaf 75 degree bucking, and it shoots like a dream. Recently though, the gun has been functioning oddly. The gun still shoots fine, but the gear box is now very loud and does not sound very good at all. It is not the motor height, I have it adjusted correctly. Anyone know if this is something to be concerned about or if the gun is fine?
  24. Hi! My name is Sturm and I recently have registered. I am here because bloody hell I have some things going on with my pistol. Long story short, I ordered a custom TM M1911A1 Government from Hong Kong. I had it fitted by the retailer with a full Guarder metal kit, including the slide and frame, springs, and steel outer barrel. Okay. Everything was fine, lest for one thing. The outer barrel had an out of place 'jumpy' movement to it. It would wiggle around in the slide, and would specifically protrude out of the end of the gun more than normal. It took a tonne of guessing and experimenting, but eventually I believe I discovered what was causing it. For whatever reason, the Guarder chamber piece had a large amount of clearance between the top of it and the ejection port on the slide. The result of this happening was that the entire outer barrel was afforded more space than it needed, and would slide around after cocking, firing, aiming, etc. This is why the outer barrel tended to spring itself a little bit out of the end of the slide. I think part of the problem is the default Marui hop up, which is a bit stiff and obviously made for the likes of plastic outer barrels. Today, I attempted to do some 'fitting' on the hop up unit and a spare Guarder outer barrel I had handy. After I made some modifications, I reassembled the pistol, and to my shock, the pistol was jammed to hell. I could not even take the gun apart even with the slide lock out! I eventually managed to fix the jamming, but I still cannot disassemble the pistol, slide lock or not. I lubed everything, and the slide will still not budge off of the frame. I don't know why this even happened in the first place. The original jam was very strange, so misaligned that the slide stop could not even be placed back on! I fixed that part, but for whatever reason I cannot disassemble the slide from the frame. So, basically, I had a problem, and when trying to fix it, I created another one. Any advice? I would still appreciate any help I could get with the barrel/chamber fiasco as well. I accomplished nothing in my endeavours this afternoon. I just screwed things up more. When I solve this disassembly bit of SNAFU, I might buy an aftermarket hop up, either from Airsoft Surgeon or from Nova. After all of this crap, I hope one of those units will actually fix my OCD-driven nightmare. Well, if anyone got through that text wall, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give in regards to the two of my pistol problems.
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