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  1. Hello all, I recently purchased the Dan Wesson 715 (Full Power Version), but I want to lower the FPS to make it skirmishable. Here's a link to the ASG I bought: http://www.evike.com/products/58532/ Honestly, I could have bought the low power version (280-330 FPS), but I wanted something a little stronger for the fields. I'm hoping to lower the FPS on this full power version down to around 350-400 FPS. That way, I get the best of both worlds. Silver finish is nicer on this version too. I am extremely new to airsoft, so if it involves replacing the spring, you'll have to give me directions like I'm a 5-year old. Any help is appreciated, I've heard you can use low power shells, but I fear that would lower the FPS to around 200-250, and the field I'm planning to go to has a max of 400, so I want to be as close to the max without going over. Thanks all!
  2. Hello, I am new to the forum and would really like some advice from some more knowledgeable airsoft players. I have a UTG L96 Sniper rifle that seems to have broken over night. The bolt simply will not stay back. You can pull the bolt move it, but it just springs forward. Is this related to a damaged trigger box? Would replacing it with a metal one fix the problem or could there be somethings completely different causing this issue? Thanks for the help!
  3. So I'm looking for a high quality airsoft 1911 sidearm. I've been eyeing both the "RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops" and the "Elite Force 1911". I'd love to hear some opinions on what I should get. taking into account Accuracy, Internals, Externals, Handling, Etc... Thanks :D - Jacob
  4. My kwa atp auto whenever I move the selector switch to semi auto it still fires full auto what can I do to fix this? please help
  5. Dear, Forum Browsers, I have owned by Echo 1 Spectre RDP for a while now are really enjoy it. But this is a small problem with the tiny inner barrel I can only squeeze so much rang out of it. So I have looked into it and I can not find any thing for RDP mods that people recommend. I would love it if I could keep the thread clear for a tracer unit. So what would you recommend a new hop-up and tight-bore barrel, a new gearbox set up(FYI I play both indoor and out door so if there is a good way to keep it under 325-330 that would be great) if you can help feel free to tell me or if there is any one who may know { and if you are a gammer nazi feel free to correct me:D} Thanks, Team Blitz Jäger
  6. Hello everyone! I was looking into purchasing a gun (I know my third post into the topic, calm down I have figured out what I want), and I needed a bit of help picking something out. I run a E&C M16A3 with a M203 grenade launcher (http://www.evike.com/products/54830/), and it gets really heavy to hold (weighs 13.5 pounds most of which is in the front), which I have set up in a support gunner style. I was looking into getting a smaller AEG for use at my local CQB field as my M16 is unwieldy for use in small environments. Although I would still like it to be able to perform on an outdoors field if I don't want to lug my heavy M16 around all day. I have a budget of $350 to $400 (I would prefer recommendations on Evike as I have a 22% off coupon, but feel free to recommend the best for my budget regardless of vendor). Some guns I have been looking at are from Krytac, they have been--from what I understand--a pretty good choice for people who want decent guns out of the box. Guns that interest me by manufacturer (incomplete list, I will add to it as time progresses): Krytac: Trident CRB in Wolf Grey (http://www.evike.com/products/56630/) $325 Trident PDW in Wolf Grey (http://www.evike.com/products/56629/) $295 The lack of sights on the PDW concerns me though (it has none out of the box). ICS: "Silver Shadow" M4 SRB (http://www.evike.com/products/54429/) $319 ($260 on sale) CXP 264 (http://www.evike.com/products/48374/) $319 with $63 store credit ($319 with 10 midcaps in a special sale) This is EBB and has a split gearbox which I think would be immensely useful as a newby. G&P M4 Paratrooper (http://www.evike.com/products/41568/) $299.99 (On sale for $240) My hope is to have about $300 in buying power by April 24, 2016, and $450 by May 1, 2016. Important info: I will need a battery for the gun so factor that into the price (11.1v LiPo if possible) I want to get some midcaps (I was thinking about 2 hexmags at ~$17 apiece) Coupon of 22% off only applies to things not on sale (Not required, but appreciated) Compatible with M4/M16 style mags Thanks for the help, and happy hunting!
  7. hey guy so, a week ago my piston has been stock at the back of my gearbox so just yesterday I opened the gaerbox the resolve the problem. and saw my piston and head piston has been broken,so I need to order a new one *I have G&P ball rifle (Short) 7.4 lithium battery motor m120 G&P inner barrel 380mm include if I renew my piston and head piston so I wanna to change my cylinder currently I have cylinder type 0 thanks I very need some help
  8. I really would love if anyone who knows a little about airsoft brands could help me out here. So I was playing at a CQB indoor airsoft location and this girl lets me use her gun for a game, it was super accurate and amazing. I just want to know what the brand of the gun was. It was a fairly small, full metal, and high quality AF SMG and it had a octopus/ kraken on the left side of it. There were 6 people during the game who came up to me and were amazed by the gun and said it was one of the best/ most high end you can get. Since I'm not a pro and I don't know too much about all airsoft brands I have no idea of what it is. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello Airsoft Forum! I am a newer player in the airsoft world and I had an interesting and very odd parts suggestion request for my M16 AEG, I wanted to make it effectively a "LMG" with a grenade launcher! I was wondering what mods I would need (the first, and mandatory, upgrade is a gearbox shell. According to two of my close friends I have a "pot metal" one which has a high chance of failing) to make my Frankenstein gun? I will be using this outdoors and indoors (indoor max 351 FPS with .25g) but mostly outdoors (outdoor limit is 400 FPS with .25 and no more than 20 RPS). Here is the gun I have: http://www.evike.com/products/54830/ Here is a gearbox shell I was looking at: http://www.evike.com/products/58282/ Beyond the gearbox shell I have no clue what I am doing so I need some help. I want this as cheap as possible so if I don't need more than a gearbox shell then just tell me! TL;DR: I want to modify my gun so that shoots 400 FPS, <20 RPS, and for low cost while also having the characteristics of an airsoft LMG (sustained fire (bursts that last a few seconds) without damage). Thanks for any part suggestions. I know this is an odd idea but I want to be that "special" guy with an odd gun. Oh and a cool flash mag: http://www.evike.com/products/56161
  10. Hello everyone! This is my third post on this site (I have had very good suggestions so far, thank you), I still want to be a support gunner which my previous posts have made clear, and I was looking to expand my arsenal a tad with a possibly Russian support weapon. I was looking at Russian weapons purely because of the fact, I don't own any Russian made weapons yet, and I was curious whether or not they would make good support guns. This is the gun I was looking at: http://www.evike.com/products/35938/ To be clear this is not purely a Russian weapon thread but I currently have a slight bias towards Russian weapons at this time but feel free to suggest the best weapons in my budget regardless of where they originate from. My budget will max out at about $300, but the cheaper the better for upgrade purposes. Requirements in no particular order: (Negotiable) Total cost of ~$300 or less including shipping and necessary upgrades (Preferred) Can work,without immediately being destroyed, by an 11.1v lithium-polymer battery stock/with few upgrades (Preferred) Can fit a 5200 mAh 11.1v lithium-polymer battery dimensions: (WORKING ON THIS CHECK BACK SOON) Has an electric mag (preferably included in the price), or cheap flash mags (not included in total price). Metal, with real wood (if applicable) included in price Has a semi-automatic option Not French (I will not have my gun surrendering immediately during combat!) Possibly bull-pup? Shoots about 350 FPS with .25's Will be used outside so it has to be durable Thanks for reading and I do hope you can help me.
  11. hey guys im sorta new to airsoft. I recently picked up a cm16 raider cqb version. I would like to upgrade it to shot within 380 to 400 and change some outside things. im thinking about upgrading the following- spring- motor- gearbox- inner barrel-(adding mock suppressor to the outside) outer barrel- (adding mock suppressor to the outside) sights- if you know anything about what I should get please help. if I don&#39;t need anything on this list let me know. if you make a suggestion try to make it available on evike.com thank you so much
  12. I want to know if the Apex mk13 mod 4 is a well balanced gun out of the box to use on the field. Ive been reading around and searching but have not found any other gun with similar upgrades and price point so im pretty set on this gun. I plan on keeping everything mostly stock for a while but I want to know if I put a set of high speed gear in, will it be good with the high torque motor it comes stock with? Heres a link to the gun on evike. http://www.evike.com/products/51932/
  13. Hello! I am new to airsoft (I started about 5-6 months ago) and my second AEG (first one broke) that I got today is a really awesome Valken Battle Machine MOD-M that came with a valken smart charger/9.6v 1600 mAh NimH that I charged for about an hour on my smart charger before the light turned green and I took it off. I couldn't have taken it off more than 5 minutes later when I heard a pretty loud crackling/fizzing noise. I touched the battery and it was hot to the touch. Not warm but HOT. I leaned my ear in and noticed the loud noise was coming from the battery. I didn't want it to catch on fire, (and because I'm kinda a noob) I put it in the old, dry sink that nobody uses. 20 minuets later, it is still pretty hot and the crackling has gotten quiet. Is this fatal to my battery? Is it dangerous in any way? Please let me know because I don't want to break another great gun. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone! I am in a bit of a pickle. I want to mount a bipod onto this gun: http://www.evike.com/products/54830/ I was looking at this barrel mounted bipod (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product//B00M1WSLLK/ref=twister_dp_update?ie=UTF8&psc=1) the 8.7-10.2 inch one. I was wondering if it would fit onto my gun?
  15. Does anyone know if where I could go to start learning upgrades/repairs, because im really interested in learning
  16. Hi, I just got a new Valken Battle Machine and I don't know what to put on it. I really like PEQ Boxes (the ones with flashlights/lasers) angled grips, and red dot sights. I really want some of these, without breaking the bank/my gun so I need some help. Can anyone suggest any of these attachments? Please keep it under 60$ and remember, I look at all comments, so don't be shy to share! Here are a few I am into/looking at. THANKS http://www.evike.com/products/33089/ http://www.evike.com/products/42181/ http://www.amazon.com/UTG-Green-Sight-Integral-Mount/dp/B005UGIPUQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1453410377&sr=1-3&keywords=optics+red+dot http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=19989 P.S. Does tan/darkearth look bad on an all-black gun?
  17. Ok, so I just bought the Apex R5 M12 Gen2 and it performs great. However I am a bit confused on the pre-installed MOSFET. I play almost exclusively on semi and I am wondering if it will protect the trigger contacts from burning out. It is in-line, but I don't know if it is soldered to the contacts or what. I have read that the installed MOSFET should protect the trigger contacts, but I am still uncertain. If anyone had any experience with this specific gun (Or did some research) I would be grateful. Thanks
  18. So I went to a liquidation a couple months back of a store that went out of business. One of my purchases included a big box full of magazines. The magazine shown in the picture is labeled incorrectly as it is definitely NOT an M14 magazine and it is not a Scar H magazine which looks most similar to it, but I cannot for the life of me find what it really is! Any help with figuring this out would be great because I would really like to sell them to someone who needs them. Thank you so much for the help in advance! Image Link: http://imgur.com/6ekygPK
  19. So I bought the m249 saw,15 pounds of pure ammo raping fun. But after about a week the gun wouldn't drain the battery as fast and the hop had to be fixed often. But that's not my problem. The gun out of no where stop shooting. You could pull the trigger all you wanted but the motor wouldn't turn over. So I took it in to have a tech look at it and he said the fuse was blown and gave me a free fuse. Put it in and the gun still won't work. Tried a new battery still nothing. So the. The teck told me it's a motor problem and quoted me 50 dollars just to see what was wrong with it. Seeing 50 dollars to take apart a easy to take apart gun I said hell no and left. So to this day I spent 289 dollars on a gun that was feilded once and I can't even use. So I'm seeing if anyone here has had a problem like this and it could help me fix this or point me in the right direction. Thank you Ps I don't know if the new fuse would have worked seeing the gun straight up said that it could be the wrong fuse.
  20. So in a debate between a friend who knows TippMann really well and a person who owns one, they were arguing on how a TippMann cannot handle normal lines and would require a person to buy a specific line that could handle 800 psi. Friend who owned a tippmann opposed saying a normal line and semi worked normal for him. I'm confused and would like some help. So if I were to buy a TippMann m4, would I need to get a new line or will my Amped SLP do the job?
  21. I'm having some trouble getting my Lonex 8mm reinforced GB to fit inside my metal lower receiver correctly. The receiver pin-holes aren't lining up enough to get a pin through. I can squeeze them together to where they almost line up on both sides. I'm thinking that there's an area where I could file down a little to allow the GB to get in there a little more. Since I'm relatively new to doing work on this stuff, I wanted to make sure I'm not going to somehow make things crack in half. Should I shave off some material or do something else instead?
  22. Hey guys, was just shimming my KA VSS Vintorez, and it shot perfectly well for 5 test fires on a 9.6v nimh and then for the 6th shot nothing happened. The 9.6v was super hot so I let that cool down and then tried my 7.4v lipo and pulled the trigger 3 times with no responses and then the tamiya connectors started smoking and then melted off each other. Anyone know what just happened and if there is a way to fix this? The gun did not come with a fuse and the only thing I changed in it were mods to fix the feeding issues and a Tokyo Marui EG1000 motor. Much appreciated.
  23. Hey Guys, I need a little bit of help choosing my second AEG. My first was a CYMA AK-74U. Recently gave it away to a friend for cheap and wanted to buy a new AEG. I play at West Coast Adventure Park (CQB & Field), Ukau's Field (Field), and Gamepod (CQB). I do a lot of rushing and holding down the middle of the field so I'm thinking a AEG made of Polymer or Plastic and CQB length barrel (or carbine for M4's). I would like something reliable and gets the job done with a 9.6. I would like anything but an MP5 (too many mags needed). Some guns I'm looking at are: G&G CM18 mod 1 G&G CM16 Raider Custom AirsoftMegastore Golden Eagle Gun (Screenshot) Your Help is Appreciated, -Kool Aid Edit: Considering some others such as CYMA CM045 (I had the CM035 and loved it with a 9.6) JG R36 HMC (heard the original r36 was legend for its price)
  24. Good day everyone. I have a "Ekol ES 66" Co2 pistol for quite some time. I never had any problems with it but recently I've noticed that the CO2 cartridges are lasting shorter than usual. I couldn't notice anything unusual so I did nothing about it. Yesterday, after placing a new CO2 cartridge (haven't used it in few months) I've noticed some air leaking. I can hear it and when placing a finger over the 'holes' it feels that the air is going through. I'm not 100% convinced but I'm pretty sure the air is leaking through the 'metal holes' on the back of the magazine. Is there anyone who had (or have) a similar problem? Any solutions for this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, inFidel
  25. Hello, I'm looking for a good sniper rifle to get for game use. Here's what I'd like: -Black/OD -Comes with scope (and bipod, if possible) -Mid/High cap magazine -High FPS -Spring powered (reliability) -Average/Good quality materials and construction -under $200 (if possible) I may consider raising my budget if the gun has everything else. Thanks, Grey
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